Can I Moisturise After Fake Tanning?


Can I Moisturise After Fake Tanning?

The fake tanning experts have the answer

One of the most frequently asked questions we get here at Bali Body HQ is: Can I moisturise after fake tanning?

The answer is YES, but only after the self tan has fully developed. 

All Bali Body fake tan’s take around 8 hours to fully develop and reach their maximum level of glow. Regardless of when you wash the colour guide off, we highly recommend you don’t moisturise until the 8 hour mark. Why you might ask? Even rinsing your initial colour guide off, the product still continues to develop on your skim, resulting in the most perfect fake tan. Applying a moisturiser may interfere with the flawless result you so perfectly applied. We want your tan to be 20/10 and unfortunately if moisturiser is applied it can leave blotches, marks and strip the tan in certain spots on the skin. Once you’ve washed off the colour guide and waited at least 8 hours, you can apply your favourite moisturiser to your entire body. 

Moisturising the skin everyday is the key to a longer lasting fake tan as it prevents the tan from cracking and flaking. If you’re after a moisturiser that is going to extend the life of your self tan, we recommend trying our Luxe Moisturising Lotion. It locks in hydration and will keep your tan looking fresh and seamless. It's filled with skin loving ingredients like shea butter and almond oil that replenish and nourish the skin, making your fake tan look flawless for longer. 

Can't get enough of our fake tan tips, trick and hacks, be sure to read more on the Bali Body Blog.

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