Is It Safe To Workout After Fake Tanning?


Is It Safe To Workout After Fake Tanning?

A complete list of the do’s and don’ts

There's nothing better than a fresh fake tan. The instant mood boost you get from the radiant, bronzed glow is second to none.

That said, your vibe can turn upside down pretty quickly if your tan becomes patchy in areas from sweat and friction. That’s why we’re here to give you the 411 on how to avoid a mess when exercising after fake tanning.


Exercise directly after self tanning 
Exercising directly after applying your fake tan is a big NO NO. By doing so, you’re asking for the tan to completely strip and run when you perspire. This will leave you with one very uneven, patchy looking tan and won’t allow your self tan to live it’s best bronzed life. 

Exercise when the colour guide is still developing 
So, you haven't put on the Lululemons directly after self tanning, but you have a couple of hours later. You haven't showered off the colour guide yet and therefore your self tan is still developing into a natural, dark tan. Trust the process babe, and wait to exercise until after you’ve showered. If the colour guide runs, your tan is going to look worse than Selena Gomez’ at the 2018 Met Gala. Not cute. 

Wear tight, constricting clothing after self tanning 
Besides the point of wearing leggings and a sports bra being really hard to get into with a sticky self tan, it’s also going to leave blank spots and stripes all over your skin and we know you don't want your fake tan making you look like a zebra! Wait at least 2-6 hours after applying the self tanning mousse before showering and getting your gym gear out. You’ll thank us later. 



Exercise once showering off the colour guide 
Once the fake tan has been showered off with lukewarm water you’ve got the green light to exercise! Although your tan may still develop depending on what Bali Body Self Tan you have used, the colour guide won’t run and alas your clothes have also been saved in the process. 

Apply talcum powder to sweaty areas 
Before sliding into your Nikes, apply a light dusting of talcum powder or body powder to the chest, underarms, inner corners of your arms and the backs of your knees. This is where the friction usually is when exercising. The talc will create a barrier to ensure your tan isn't broken down by the rubbing of skin. 

Apply a light layer of self tan
If you’re the kind of babe that likes to work up a sweat, we highly recommend keeping the self tan a little lighter. By applying a lighter layer, you have the ability to build up your tan later on. Our Gradual Self Tan is perfect for this. Just apply to your entire body and customise your perfect tan to suit your desired colour. 

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