Self Tanning Myths Debunked


Self Tanning Myths Debunked

Exposing some of the most common misconceptions about self tanning

There’s nothing more desirable than a sunkissed glow, but we understand that self tanning can be daunting with so many complicated routines and misinformation floating around. 

At Bali Body, our Self Tan Range was created to be applied effortlessly with maximum glow. To help you achieve flawless results without the worry, we are debunking some of the most common self tanning myths.

Self Tanning Myth #1 Self Tanning isn’t Safe

Self Tanning is absolutely a safe way to get the golden glow of your dreams, without having to expose your beautiful skin to UV rays.

The active ingredient in self tanners is DHA (Dihydroxyacetone), which is a sugar-based compound that reacts with the top layers of your skin to change the colour of it. It doesn't penetrate past these skin layers, meaning no product absorption into your bloodstream. 

The Bali Body Self Tan Range is enriched with nourishing oils, vitamins and 100% natural DHA for smooth, hydrated and perfectly bronzed skin.

Self-Tanning Myth #2  All Self Tanning Formulas are the same...

It’s a popular misconception that all self tanning formulas are the same, and will give you the same results. Self Tanning products have evolved and are now available in many different forms, including foams, lotions, mists, mousses and more. 

It’s important to take time to research the different formulas so that you can make an informed decision on which one is best for you! At Bali Body, all of our products feature high quality formulas that are vegan, cruelty, sulphate and paraben free.

Self Tanning Myth #3 Self Tan Provides Sun Protection

Whilst self tan leaves you looking like a sunkissed beach babe, it won’t protect you from UV rays. It’s important to always wear SPF when exposing yourself to the sun.

 If you’ve got a day at the beach or poolside planned and want to deepen your tan, we recommend using our sun care range. We have Tanning Oils with bonus sun protection to stimulate production of melanin to safely deepen your natural glow.

Self-Tanning Myth #4 Self-Tanning Will Leave you Orange

 This is one of the most nerve-racking concerns for first-time self tan users, and whilst some brands and application styles can leave you looking a little too far on the orange side, there are tips and tricks you can use to achieve a flawless result.

If you’re a first-time tanner, we recommend starting with a product containing green undertones, which is a suitable option for all skin types and will assist in cancelling out red tones often responsible for making tans appear orange.

Our Self Tanning Mousse is perfect for beginners, formulated with colour guide technology to tailor make the perfect tan for your skin tone  

Self Tanning Myth #5 Self Tan doesn't last 

 As much as we wish it was …Self Tan isn’t permanent, but with proper skin prep you can maximise the longevity of your gorgeous glow.  

 We’ve created the Ultimate Self Tanner Prep Guide to help your tan stick around well after the weekend.

 TIP – Extend your self tan glow with our Gradual Tan Moisturiser, not only will it keep you glowing for longer, it will also leave your skin hydrated and soft.

 Self Tanning Myth #6 All Self Tanners Smell Bad

 There’s no denying that there are Self Tanners on the market with unbearable ‘fake tan’ scents that linger around for days, and attach themselves to all of your clothes and bed sheets! But rest assured there are products without that overpowering coconut scent, and fragrance-free products available.

If strong scents are not your thing, Bali Body has you covered - all of our products are made free from artificial fragrance.

Self Tanning Myth #7 All Self Tanners Stain Your Sheets 

Traditional self tanning products can transfer onto your clothes and bed sheets, and can be difficult to remove if they are not washed straight away. However there are alternatives available to prevent you from ruining your favourite set of crisp white sheets, and spending any more time doing laundry than you have to.

Our 1 Hour Express Self Tan allows you to to avoid sleeping in your tan and completely remove the risk of transfer all together, without compromising on your bronzed colour. Clear Self Tan products are also a great way to avoid transfer as they contain no dye.  

We hope this has cleared the air with all of your self tanning concerns, and gives you the ultimate experience with your next self-tanning application!

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