10 At Home Beauty Activities 


10 At Home Beauty Activities 

Self Isolation causing you to go stir-crazy? We’ve got you

In times like these, self care is beyond important.

Consciously taking time away from reading the news and giving yourself the pampering you deserve is necessary. A 10 minute bubble bath or a layer of fake tan might be all you need to lift your mood and pass hours on end. Seeing as you have the extra time in your schedule, combat boredom with these simple at home beauty treatments. We’ve put together our top 10 beauty activities to treat yourself and stay glowing at home.

#1 Boost your mood, it’s time to fake tan

After exfoliating and shaving, reach for your Luxe Tanning Mitt and your fave Bali Body Self Tanning Mousse. In long gliding motions, sweep the product across your entire body. Wait at least 1-5 hours before showering. There is no vacay needed for a sunkissed, natural looking tan here. We just took you to Hawaii and back in a matter of hours.

#2 Try an at home facial 

Let’s start by thinking like a facialist. Put your hair in a slick, tight bun and deeply cleanse your face to begin. Then apply your fave mud or sheet mask, and get comfortable. Press play on our At Home With BB playlist and get ready for ultimate relaxation. There's nothing like a glowing complexion to make you feel good.

#3 Give yourself a facial massage

It’s time to whip out those beauty tools you’ve abandoned since early 2019. Jade roller, we’re looking at you. Giving yourself a facial massage is just as important as the products you apply. Massaging the face with oils will boost circulation and lymphatic flow. It will also ensure the formulas penetrate deeply.

#4 It's time for a mani/pedi

Avoiding the nail salon but in serious need of a manicure? Try giving yourself one at home with your favourite colour nail polish. Be sure to clean your nails with polish remover first. Secondly, file and buff. Then lastly apply the polish to your nails. Our personal go-to colour is OPI’s Mod about you.

#5 Ever wanted to try dry scrubbing? 

Now is the time to get in the habit of dry brushing your body. Using a coarse, natural bristle brush, gently but firmly in a clockwise movement brush your entire body before showering. Benefits include stress reduction (much needed right now), improved circulation and lymphatic drainage.

#6 Do a hair mask

Show your hair a little TLC by doing a hair treatment or mask. After seriously luscious locks? Try adding a few drops of our Natural Tanning and Body Oil to damp hair and tie up in a bun for 20 minutes then rinse. You can thank us later. 

#7 Organise your beauty cabinet

Near empty bottles that haven't been used since 2007? Us too babe. If you’re after an excuse to organise your beauty cupboard, this is it. You may even realise you need to stock up after clearing some space. Have you tried our BB Cream? It gives the perfect everyday, no makeup-makeup look in one easy step. We know you’ll love it. 

#8 Soak in the tub

Run yourself a hot bath babe, you’ve earned it. Whether you’ve got a bath bomb handy, bath salts or even just soap, put them in the tub with warm water. After extra luxury? Before getting into the bath, set up your laptop in a safe place and watch a binge worthy series. We are obsessing over Cheer.  

#9 Drink up

Why not give yourself a glow up from the inside out? This smoothie recipe will have your skin glowing and radiant in no time.   

#10 Catch up on our beauty blog

We love sharing our beauty advice with you regularly. Be sure to tune in to our blog weekly for new ideas, hacks and tips. 

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