5 Minute Glow Before Your Zoom Meeting


5 Minute Glow Before Your Zoom Meeting

Cute is not cancelled

Professional at the top, loungewear down the bottom.

Despite the fact that we’re all working from home, we should still take a few minutes each morning to look presentable on your zoom meetings. We can confirm that while life feels very strange right now, cute is absolutely not cancelled. The whole sha-bang is absolutely not necessary, but a few key products in less than 5 minutes can go a long way. Whether you’re zooming with your co-workers, boss or a potential new client, here are our tried and tested top tips on looking alive and well over camera, even if you woke up 8 minutes ago. Ready for your 5 minute face? Let’s go. 

Freshen your brows
Nothing makes you look put together quite like having nice brows. Grab your brow tip pencil, fill them in to create a super natural look & brush them up with some clear brow gel. Ensure you don’t over do them, we’re going for a Sunday brunch brow rather than a bold Saturday night brow. A few quick strokes will shape your face nicely & brushing them up will automatically make your eyes look awake. 

Perfect your complexion
It’s time to apply your holy grail Bali Body BB Cream and make your face look like you’re walking around with a real life Instagram filter. It’s the perfect ‘your skin but better’ product to wear while working for home for a multitude of reasons. Not only will you feel and look great but it’s essentially like wearing skincare 24/7. The Hyaluronic Acid within will work it’s magic on revitalising your skin at the same time. 

Curl your lashes
This step is non-negotiable (note: they all are). Curling your eyelashes will instantly make your eyes look wider and more aware, and all it takes is 30 seconds. If you don’t have a good curler handy then we’re giving you a reason to online shop because it’s an essential item. Mascara is optional, if you have really light lashes you may need to apply some but if your last tint is still hanging around then a curl is all you need to look fab for the camera. 

Fake awake
Brighten up your sleepy eyes with these two products. Concealer and a light eyeliner pencil. Use your fingers to quickly pat a few spots of concealer under your eyes and in the inner corners. Then apply a white or nude toned eyeliner to your waterline and watch how instantly more awake you look. You have just advanced to the next step, looking like you haven't had 3 cups of coffee already. Well done, babe.

Add a touch of colour 
Avoid looking washed out on your computer screen by swiping a rosey blush across your cheeks. Blush can instantly bring some like back to your face and make your overall complexion look healthier. Now all that’s left to do is gloss and go. 

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