The Only Smoothie Recipe You Need For Glowing Skin


The Only Smoothie Recipe You Need For Glowing Skin

BB Babe Mady Storace shares her green smoothie recipe for 10/10 glowing skin.

Want your skin to glow from the inside out? You've come to the right place. We're gonna give you the top secret super smoothie recipe that BB Babe Mady Storace relies on for her radiant, glowing skin.

Did you know..

Green smoothies not only taste delicious but are packed with essential nutrients that our bodies and complexions need. They're a great source of non-dairy calcium, magnesium and Vit C. Vitamin C is key to collagen production, the stuff that keeps our skin looking firm and youthful while Magnesium has rejuvenating properties to leave skin glowing and silky smooth. Basically, adding these 2 to your morning smoothie is like drinking from the fountain of youth.

Let's get blending..


1/2 cup frozen mango

1 frozen banana

1/4 cup frozen zucchini

Juice from 1 lemon

1 passion fruit

2 cups of spinach

1cm square fresh ginger

150ml of coconut water

Blend all ingredients in a quality blender and waalaa! The tastiest smoothie, loaded with skin benefits. You can thank us later.

Here is what Mady has to say about Bali Body and natural glowing skin on the outside. 

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