Greece Travel Guide


Greece Travel Guide

Where to relax, party & explore in the Greek Islands

If there’s one thing we know about Bali Body babes, it’s that they love to travel. So in celebration of what we call ‘vacay season’, we’ve put together a list of idyllic spots in the Greek Islands, frequented and loved by BB babes across the globe.

Greece is the perfect destination for a June or July holiday to escape a cold Aussie winter. Beautiful warm weather, world class sunsets, sunkissed skin and clear blue skies sound pretty good to us and Greece has it all. 


You can’t go to Greece and not stop in to Santorini. This magical island needs no introduction. They don’t call it the supermodel of the Greek Islands for no reason. The iconic and instantly recognisable white buildings with bright blue accents make Santorini a feature on most babes bucket list. This hot spot is super slow paced and romantic, making it ideal for relaxing and totally switching off. Stock up on our sun tanning oils, pack a good book and make sure you stay somewhere with a pool overlooking the ocean. Your daily itinerary in Santorini will consist of tanning with your fave Bali Body Tanning Oil by the pool, watching the picture perfect sunsets and eating unlimited gyros.



After some serious down time in Santorini, hit Mykonos to let loose and party. If you’re on a girls trip, you can’t miss this one. There is no better spot to get lit with your BFF’s than on this Greek Island while you watch the sun set. Mykonos is well known for its incredible beaches but is especially well known for its world-renowned party scene.

Scorpios Beach Club is a must. It’s a restaurant and bar frequented by the likes of Gigi Hadid and Em Rata during summer. Scorpios is a boho-luxe hot spot that has it all: laidback lounging, delicious cocktails, all day house music, good food and fine wines. It’s the perfect place to spend the day sipping Aperol spritz under the mediterranean sun.


Milos is the adventure island, home to some of the world's most exotic beaches that you just have to see. It's one of the most visited islands in Greece during summer and we think we know why. Two words: Sarakiniko Beach. You’ve probably seen it on Instagram. It’s a unique white rock beach that looks like something from outer space. The contrast between its lunar like landscape and turquoise waters will make for some unforgettable Instagram photos. Put this spot on the top of your to-do list for Milos. 

In addition to the unique paradise that is Sarakiniko beach, there are over 70 other exotic beaches to visit on the island. There’s forever something new and exciting to see in Milos. Hire an ATV for the day, throw your tanning oils in a backpack and hit the road.

A vacay to the Greek Islands is sure to leave you sunkissed, gyros obsessed and forever dreaming of European sunsets. Whether going to Greece is just on your wish list or you’re a lucky babe heading there this vacay season, make sure you save this blog to your favourites for future reference.

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