Why Your Skin Needs H2o

A must have for your winter skin hangover

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Congrats babe! You've made it through another long and even colder winter. Sunny days and tanned skin are on their way and we couldn't be happier about it. However, if your skin's still looking lack lustre with a winter hangover, it may be because you're missing one major factor in your beauty routine, h2o. Dry, cold winter weather is notorious for zapping all moisture from the skin. And most babes find that throughout winter, they don't always drink as much water as they should. This combination can leave skin seriously parched and dull. To get rid of those winter skin blues and into hydrated, glowing skin, you need the ultimate skin quencher, Bali Body.  

FACT: Our skin is our bodies largest organ, so naturally, we should treat it with a whole lotta TLC. We all know that drinking water is one way to get clearer, brighter and healthier skin. But the harsh reality is, the water you drink actually reaches your other organs before reaching your skin. That’s where we come in. Treating your skin right at the source with the highest H2o boosting ingredients possible.  

Hydration is the key to those “WOAH! your skin looks amazing” compliments. Hydrated skin looks plump, luminous and just feels good. Bring new life to H2o deprived skin with our BB Cream. In one simple step, this complexion perfecting beauty balm will deeply hydrate, firm, lift and repair. 

This is a one stop tube to rehydrating your skin from the outside in. We like to call it makeup with benefits. Our BB Cream contains the holy grail of all hydrating ingredients, hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic Acid deeply penetrates the skins surface, leaving it supple, smooth and plump. Another key ingredient in this wonder beauty product is Marine Collagen which prevents sagging and wrinkles, another common side effect of dry skin. Marine Collagen works to naturally stimulate collagen to firm and renew. So in brief babe, what we're saying is if you want plump, supple and hydrated skin, this little tube is an absolute must have in your skincare regime.

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