Why Vegan Skincare Is Trending


Why Vegan Skincare Is Trending

Taking the world by storm, one product at a time

Whether you’re a beauty enthusiast or just a regular babe who keeps up with trends, then chances are you’ve heard of vegan skincare.

It’s cruelty free, eco-friendly and taking the beauty world by storm for all the right reasons. The interest and demand for vegan lifestyle products has skyrocketed in Australia over the last few years as consumers learn the benefits and embrace a more holistic, eco-conscious lifestyle.

The skin-care fast food equivalents are on their way out, it’s time for cruelty free beauty to reign.

Healthy lifestyle

Vegan skincare products provide an additional way for babes trying to achieve a healthier lifestyle that extends past what foods they choose to eat everyday. 

Holistic lifestyles are in and consumers around the world want transparency, understanding and safety when it comes to what they put on their skin.

Vegan brands like Bali Body provide babes with peace of mind knowing that the products they are using are not only natural and safe but aligned with their healthy lifestyle.  

Animal welfare

Vegan skincare refers to skincare products that are free of animal products and bi-products - including honey, beeswax and lonolin.

With its incredible ability to reach the masses, social media and online animal welfare campaigns have brought attention to the mistreatment of our furry friends during product development and testing. 

This has resulted in consumers making the switch to cruelty-free beauty and in turn challenged some of the biggest brands in the world to change the way they do things. With so many more opportunities for brands to make more conscious decisions then there was 5 years ago, there's really no excuse not too. 

Did you know that Bali Body don't test on animals? Another big tick for ethical babes. 

Beautiful skin

Vegan suncare and skincare go beyond their ethical impact, they’re also better for you due to their natural and nutrient-rich properties.

Vegan skincare products like the Bali Body Moisturising Lotion and BB Cream are packed with vitamin and antioxidant rich ingredients, treating your skin to the very best on offer.

Did you know that everything you apply to your skin has the potential to be absorbed by the body? Love the skin you’re in and treat it to all the goodness it deserves by purchasing vegan. 

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