It’s all fun and games until your jeans don’t fit anymore.. WORD on our lips.
The silly season is a time with loved ones to really let ourselves go on the xmas pudding + cocktails, and just be merry. However, the aftermath is not always so merry, as babes across the world wake up puffy-eyed, and a little on the inflated side, with some less-than-happy-looking skin. Before you slump onto the couch with another margherita, some leftover pudding, and a Bridget Jones Diary session (although this sounds like the best kind of day)… pick yourself up, repeat after me – Y-O-L-O, and then read on for our silly season detox plan. After all, NYS is right around the corner and that little black dress is calling yo name.
When it comes to beauty, skin is king. Banish any signs of holiday season antics with a fresh face and hydrated pins. Step 1: exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. This is a sure way to brighten the skin, and remove any traces of makeup leftovers. After all, no one likes a panda eye. Step 2: Lather all over in your favourite Moisturiser (obvs. Bali Body). For best results, shower then lather to lock in moisture. If your skin is looking a little dull – look no further than the Bali Body Cacao Tanning Oil. This chocolatey concoction is enriched with plant-based oils and cacao for a hint of bronze without faking it, and the pick-me-up your post-silly-season skin is crying out for. Step 3: show your eyes some lovin’ with cucumbers. Yep, that old chestnut. Lie down and place the cucumber slices over your eyes - these will feel nice and soothing on puffalicious eyes. Bali Body Gold Tanning Oil is amazing for dark circles under your eyes thanks to the addition of Grape Seed Oil.
You are what you eat, babes, so if you wanna de-puff and refresh you need to start from the inside out. That doesn’t mean continuing the xmas puddin bender we all know and love. Keep your eye on the prize.. a fresh face, radiant skin, and million dollar pins. Get some greens into you, and not the my-mouth-just-collided-with-a-grassy-mound variety, as post-xmas day tums can be delicate and may not be up for the totally green concoction. We recommend a green smoothie that doesn’t taste green. All you’ll need is a handful of leafy greens, a banana or two (frozen is preferable), some coconut water, and a little nut butter for those feeling a little nutty. And blitz. This concoction is full of electrolytes, B6, protein and vit k, which will have post-xmas bods feeling refreshed and invigorated. Keep your meals light and fresh, lots of vege + fruit and protein... the usual blah but it has to be said. Oh and water x 2, babes.
Get all sweaty betty on it to remove impurities and give your skin an internal glow. Your pins will also be thanking you for it. The holiday season usually means a lot of gyms are closed and many of you babes will be away enjoying a much-needed break. Good news is – you don’t need a gym or equipment to get sweaty. Bad news is – there’s no excuses. Get those pins out and about or could just do star jumps in your lounge.
Wallah.. killer pins and a timeless glow just in time for NYS.
Love BB xx

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