Fun Workouts To Do With Your BFF


Fun Workouts To Do With Your BFF

Fitness & fun guaranteed

Most things in life are more fun when you’re doing them with your best friends. Especially workouts.  

We’ve all experienced the dread of working out. It’s generally a Monday morning, you may or may not have had 1 too many proseccos over the weekend and you’d rather not face reality for at least another 45 minutes. When you simply can’t find the motivation, it’s time to call on a friend. Good company can make even the sweatiest and most painful of workouts fun. They also come with accountability to get you to the gym and motivation once you’re there. Sounds about 10 times more enjoyable already right? Here are 6 fun workouts that you can do with your BFF by your side.

Go rock climbing
Find an indoor studio and partner up with your BFF for an intense full body workout that requires a lot of mental work and strategy. Keeping your balance while climbing also gives your abs a great workout. If you want to get super serious, head outdoors for the same workout with a lot more challenge. 

Hit the barre
Want to tone your butt & legs? Get to a barre class. Barre classes are a ballet inspired fitness class that includes the same techniques ballerinas do to improve their overall strength, muscle development and endurance. They target the butt, abs, legs, and arms and are intended to create lean muscle as well as improve your posture. While you don’t need to be a professional ballerina to get through them, they are tough so you and your BFF can motivate each other. 

Sign up for a race
Whether you want to run 3km, 5km or a marathon, signing up to a race together will motivate you and your bestie to get fit in the lead up. Plus it adds a little bit of competitive fun. Having a goal to aim for will also keep you motivated to pound the pavement. Find a race that raises money for a charity you’re passionate about for bonus points. 

Take a dance class 
Take an organised dance class for an incredibly fun workout similar to your Saturday night, minus the champagne. Studios offer a mix of genres from hip hop to salsa or freestyle. The motions of dancing work a range of muscles that might be missed with running or weight training. 

Go on a hike
Hiking is great for a number of reasons. It gets you outside, you’re going to get a killer workout and you can get sweaty and chat at the same time. Multitasking besties. Look into some hikes in your area and make sure you keep challenging yourself. A cute bestie pic once you reach the top is also a great gram opportunity. 

Do a workout in your lounge room
Hook your laptop to your TV and get sweaty in your lounge room with a killer YouTube workout. There is a range of amazing partner workouts available for free online, ranging from pilates to boxing or strength. Choose your favourite, get into position and get sweaty. 

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