5 Foods To Eat If You’re Always Tired


5 Foods To Eat If You’re Always Tired

Fight fatigue with these supercharged foods

Do you find you’re tired all the time? Don’t worry babe, us too.

Between your 9-5, catching up with besties, exercise and trying to fit in your weekly Love Island binge, it’s no wonder we all feel as though we could use some more shut eye. Before you order your 3rd extra strong flat white for the day, why not try reaching for any of these super foods to give you the perk up you need. 


The most obvious pick for natural energy. Bananas are high in potassium and carbohydrates, making them a great source of fuel. Ensure you take a banana with you to work everyday to help ease those serious energy slumps.


The green superfood we all know and love will not only make you feel fuller for longer but will help you feel energised and more productive. Full of good fats, nutrients and protein, avo will help you sustain energy all day. Try adding avocado into at least one meal a day to go from sleepy to supercharged.

Nuts and Seeds

In times when you need an extra pick me up, a trail mix of nuts and seeds will do the trick. They are filled with monounsaturated fats (the best fats) and are a top pick for an energy dense snack. They won't just give the boost you need but are great for skin and heart health. 

Dark Chocolate

A sweet treat that conquers fatigue? Say no more. Dark chocolate contains theobromine which elevates alertness and positively affects your mood. Cacao actually contains more theobromine than coffee, so next time you're in need of a lift, grab some dark chocolate to boost energy minus the caffeine crash. 


Kale is extremely high in iron which is essential for all our fellow vegetarian and vegan babes out there. When the body is low in iron it leads to feelings of exhaustion and tiredness, so it’s essential to fuel the body with plenty of iron. It’s time to start making friends with salad and adding kale to your weekly shopping list. 

End the battle with feeling tired all the time. Load your body with nutrition-dense foods morning to night and feel the difference.

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