Overnight Skin Fixes To Wake Up Glowing


Overnight Skin Fixes To Wake Up Glowing

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Getting a solid night's sleep can improve your skin’s health in more ways than one. After all it’s called beauty sleep for a reason.

While we catch some much needed zzz’s, our skin gets the chance to repair, rest and regenerate. It’s the down time your skin needs to lock in key ingredients, replenish from within and zen out after a long day. Instead of sitting around and counting down the days until your next facial, why not try these overnight beauty hacks that will do the heavy lifting while you snooze.

TIP 1: Sleep on silk

Aside from looking super luxe in your bedroom, sleeping on a silk pillowcase is proven to be a great way to keep skin healthy, hydrated and wrinkle free. Silk contains natural proteins and essential amino acids which allows the skin to breathe and helps retain moisture while you sleep. A silk pillowcase allows the skin to slip and slide over your pillow instead of being pulled and tugged as it would on cotton. In other words, it’s just like sleeping on a soft silky cloud.

TIP 2: Try essential oils

It’s common knowledge that sleep aids our skin rejuvenation process, so boost your beauty sleep with essential oils. Not only do they smell ever so dreamy, but they are all natural and come with a long list of holistic lifestyle benefits. Essential oils promote sleep, help relieve anxiety, lower blood pressure and release stress. There are many ways you can apply essential oils, however, we recommend using a diffuser. A diffuser releases the essential oils in a mist form that then cling to the skin to help restore moisture, heal challenging skin conditions and rejuvenate the skin. It’s like your very own day spa while you sleep. We recommend using a lavender essential oil to help you sleep like a baby.

TIP 3: Face Tan Water is your BFF

Let's face it, your morning skincare and makeup routine can often turn into a race against the clock. Wake up with an already radiant complexion with our Face Tan Water. It applies like a toner and develops within 6 hours. Simply apply the lightweight fake tan water to a clean face with a cotton pad before bed and wake up tanned, it's literally every babes dream product. This skin loving water is enriched with ingredients like rose water and jojoba oil which will absorb into your skin while you snooze, working to purify, hydrate and replenish your complexion. The added bonus? You get an extra 10 mins shuteye and can ditch your full coverage makeup regime in the morning. Radiance is officially in.

TIP 4: Drink up

Since our bodies run on water, it only makes sense that we refuel them with the good stuff right before we sleep. Try sipping down a glass or two of water just before bed to naturally promote a youthful looking complexion. Just one glass will flush your insides of any nasties that find themselves lurking in your digestive system and skin. While you dream of tropical beaches, pina colada’s and balmy nights, your consumed glass of water will rebalance and restore hydration levels.

TIP 5: Pucker up

For our lips to live their best life everyday, we need to ensure we treat them with some TLC. Right before bedtime give your lips a sode of hydration for a plump, smooth pout in the morning. The Bali Body Coconut Lip Balm does just that. It’s packed with nourishing oils to smooth, repair and soften lips. Try applying a generous squeeze of our natural lip balm just before you start counting sheep. You’ll wake up with the most luscious, kissable lips ready for whatever the day throws at you.

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