Why Oil Based Skincare Is Good For Your Skin


Why Oil Based Skincare Is Good For Your Skin

Don't be afraid of adding oil to your skincare routine

When it comes to maintaining a flawless complexion, water and oil go hand-in-hand. Water will keep your skin looking soft and plump and oil will retain moisture while protecting and nourishing your skin with the good stuff.

Do you need both for a good skincare routine? Yes.
Should you be scared of using oils on the face and body? Absolutely not.

Oils have made big moves in the beauty industry over the last 5 years and for very good reason. They do everything from deeply cleansing to sealing in moisture and for that alone, it’s a big yes from us. Oils not only hydrate and repair your skin, they are multi-purpose, feel amazing when applied and are the perfect alternative to skincare loaded with nasties. 

Preparation is key babes and with a hot Australian summer on it's way, there is no better time to prep your skin. 

If you’re prone to breakouts, you probably stock up on oil-free skin products, right? The truth is, not only will oils help reduce break outs, they will absolutely change your life, not to mention your skin.

Why? Because Oil Fights Oil

Put differently, good natural oils will actually fight the bad oils that are built up on your skin. If you suffer from an over-production of oil, a good natural oil can signal the skin to stop producing so much unwanted build up. It sounds a little crazy but it’s true, dermatologists have been telling us for years.

Adding our Natural Tanning & Body Oil to your nightly face skincare routine is the perfect start on your journey to loving oil based skincare. It will return moisture and elasticity to your skin, smooth fine lines and soothe any irritation in the process.

Instant Results

No matter what your skin type, when you try a good oil on your face and body the results are instant.

A vegan friendly oil without any wax has the ability to sink right into your skin, leaving you feeling silky smooth instantly. This is because wax in beauty products can often seal out the oil and water, not giving your skin all the goodness it needs. With so many things in life to do, see and remember, worrying about your skin getting all the oil and hydration it needs shouldn't be one of them.

Better Than Multi-Purpose

When it comes to using oil products, minimal products equal maximum results. This is because they are the ultimate multi-purpose hero.

You can use an oil based product for effective moisturisation on your face and body, as a makeup remover, bath and shower oil, hair hydration mask, cuticle cream, lip balm and the list goes on. You can even use it when you’re in need of a quick makeup touch up: instead of adding more make up, pat a small amount of oil on to revive the makeup you’ve already got on. 

Looks & Feels Amazing

Arguably the best thing about using oil based products is the texture. They have a natural skin-comfortable texture as soon as you slide them on. Whether you’re using your body oil in the shower (this is Bali Body Co-founder, Laura Oosterloo’s trick to luscious skin) or just lathering your skin up with all the goodness in your bedroom, it will be left looking and feeling like you have been using oil based skincare for years.

Magic is real and it’s called oil based skincare, babes.

Not sure which product is best for what? Here is a BB recommends run-down:

To moisturise the face & body: Natural Tanning & Body Oil
To hydrate dry and damaged hair: Natural Tanning & Body Oil
To soften cuticles: Natural Tanning & Body Oil
To nourish and hydrate lips: Coconut Lip Balm
To add a quick revival to makeup: Natural Tanning & Body Oil
To add a hydrating shimmer to skin: Shimmering Body Oil
To hydrate skin while you’re in the sun: Tanning Oils

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