Why Vegan Sunscreen Is Better


Why Vegan Sunscreen Is Better

Ethical beauty is the best type of beauty

For many babes, living a vegan lifestyle means much more than kale smoothies and bananas everyday.

It extends to their whole lifestyle, including what brands they choose to wear and what beauty they use on their face and body.

If that's you, then you’re probably well aware of the benefits of vegan sunscreen - and all animal friendly beauty products - for your skin, for the animals and for the environment.

However, if you’re not necessarily a vegan eater but much prefer your skin only comes into contact with natural products, then keep reading as we explain why using a vegan sunscreen is better. You wont regret it.

Slathering on sunscreen is essential for a hot summer day. Whether you’re in Bondi, Perth or the Gold Coast, the Aussie sun is known for its strength and it’s important to keep your skin protected in the best way.

Natural vs chemical sunscreens

The obvious difference between a natural and a “regular” chemical sunscreen is in the ingredients and how they work to shield you from the sun. Natural sunscreen use physical UV filters whereas chemical sunscreens opt for chemical UV filters like octylcrylene and helioplex.

Natural UV filters work by reflecting the sun's rays, whereas chemical filters absorb sun rays into their compounds so your skin doesn't burn. Despite the fact that you’re essentially protected from the sun using both, if a product is strong enough to absorb the sun, it probably isn't the best for your skin.

Are you the type of babe who lathers on their lotions then runs into the sun immediately? Us too. Chemical sunscreens take at least twenty minutes to become effective, whereas a natural serum will start protecting your skin against the sun's rays immediately.

A sunscreen with chemicals also has a huge tendency to absorb into the skin, meaning all the unnatural ingredients within them, get into your bloodstream, causing your body to work harder to detoxify. We don't know about you babes, but all natural wins this round for us.

Ethical beauty is the best kind of beauty

Despite the fact that we’re in 2018, a lot of standard sunscreens contain animal-derived ingredients. From beeswax to collagen and elastin which is found in the artery walls and intestines of our furry friends. So sad, but so true.

Creating ethical products should really be a given, especially for all the environmental issues at play with an estimated 25 percent of sunscreen applied  ending up in the ocean. Evidence over the last few years shows that common sunscreen chemicals have a devastating effect on sea life.

Researchers have established that one particular product called oxybenzone can cause coral to deform and die when entered into the ocean via sunscreen chemicals. One of the many reasons why it was an obvious choice for us to leave oxybenzone off our Moisturising Sunscreen's ingredient list.   

Hawaii has even taken these concerns so seriously that they are working on banning skincare companies from selling chemical products on its islands. Vacay to Hawaii anyone?

Suited for everyone

You always want to know what you’re putting on your skin, especially if you’re going to be reapplying it heavily every few hours. Even more so if you suffer from sensitive skin or putting it on your mini babes.

Generally the difference between an adults regular chemical-laden sunscreen and a kids, is that the kids version just has less irritants. Do you know what's better than less? Absolutely none. Vegan sunscreen is suited to everyone babes. Make it best friend with our Bali Body Moisturising Sunscreen now. 

#BBProTip: Layer our SPF Sunscreen with your favourite SPF Tanning Oil for ultimate hydration and glow. 

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