The Tan Commandments


The Tan Commandments

Self tanning rules and tips to live by, for the perfect fake tan 

The tanning gospel according to BB. Every babe deserves the perfect glowing tan, any day of the year. So follow these foolproof steps to your most flawless tan.

Thou shall exfoliate the day before one tans

Exfoliating 24 hours before you tan ensures a super smooth base for your tan. Avoid exfoliating on the day for the best results. 

Thou shall moisturise hands, knees, and feet prior to tanning

Applying a hydrating lotion like our Luxe Moisturising Lotion helps to stop extra absorption of the product into dryer areas. Resulting in the most believable seamless tan. 

Thou shall always choose natural and cruelty-free

No nasties mean your skin isn’t irritated by the chemicals that can be found in other self tanners. Our Self Tanning Mousse contains 100% natural DHA, making it perfect for babes with sensitive skin. It’s even gentle enough to also be used on your face. You’ll be waking up golden, head to toe.

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Thou shall us our Luxe Tanning Mitt

You do not want to commit this sin. There is nothing worse than having a believable tan, only to give up the secret with obvious tan-hands. Our Luxe Tanning Mitt protects your hand while giving the most flawless application.

Thou shall wear one's floatiest sundress

Wearing loose fitting clothing for the next 8 hours is essential to prevent any pesky lines rubbing. 

Thou shall share the love with one's bestie

Let her know how to get the perfect tan too, BFF’s who tan together stay together. Plus we all need a helping hand tanning our backs, duh. 

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Thou shall never smell like fake tan

Nobody wants the lingering smell of fake tan around. Luckily our Self Tanning Mousse has been described by BB babes all over the globe as smelling like "freshly washed linen". With it's light, fresh, floral scent, using our Self Tanning Mousse will ensure you smell like a summer pose of flowers after fake tanning. 

Thou shall keep the tan around

Lock in your tan by moisturising with a lightweight, hydrating lotion like our Luxe Lotion. Moisturising each morning or night extends the length of your tan and helps it fade naturally. 

Thou shall always glow year round

Both inside and out. Drink plenty of water, nourish your body with nutritious food (recipe inspo here) and apply glow giving products like our Shimmering Body Oil, that’ll take your tan from great to glorious. Hello, year-round bronzed glow. 

Thou shall live one's best life

Laugh and sip beachside cocktails with your bestie, dance the night away and remember that memories and moments are priceless. 

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