2 in 1 products for busy babes


2 in 1 products for busy babes

On the go? Save time and money with these products

If you're the kind of babe who has a hectic schedule, you don't have hours to spend in the mirror perfecting that glow. So we’re here to help you choose multi tasking products over one hit wonders to simplify your beauty routine and save time in the bathroom.

BB Cream

Need more time? money? space? Our BB Cream is here to do just that. It combines primer, foundation, moisturiser, anti-aging and sun protection into one easy step. Providing medium coverage that promises to not crack or crease throughout the day, this beauty balm will give your skin a seriously dewy, flawless glow. If giving you the complexion of your dreams wasn't already enough, our BB Cream is loaded with quality ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and marine collagen that hydrate, renew and firm the skin. On those busy mornings when you’re getting ready for work, a product that only performs one task just isn't going to cut it.

Bronzing Lotion

Busy babes are time poor. They don't have time for laying out to achieve a deep sun tan nor time to wait for a fake tan to develop. That's where our Bronzing Lotion comes to the rescue. It's the ultimate 2 in 1 that provides an instant bronzed glow while deeply moisturising the skin. Added bonus: It also provides an airbrush affect to reduce redness and smooth imperfections, leaving your skin looking literally perfect. Don't waste another minute, try our Bronzing Lotion so you can moisturise with the added bonus of achieving a deep tan.

Hydrating Face and Body Mist

Our Face and Body Mist refreshes 3 o’clock face at your 9-5, plus it's your skins BFF on vacay. Next time you jet off to somewhere tropical don't forget our Hydrating Face and Body Mist. In a single spritz it quenches and refreshes dry, dehydrated skin. When you return from your vacay and you're back to the daily grind - office to dinner and beyond, rest easy knowing your makeup won’t budge when used in combination with our Face Mist. It contains glycerin which assists in prolonging makeup and ensures no touch ups are required. Keep this multi-tasking marvel by your side constantly for hydrated, refreshed and revitalised skin no matter the season. 

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