The Reason Why Babes Are Using Clear Self Tan


The Reason Why Babes Are Using Clear Self Tan

Say hello to the new way of fake tanning

A fake tan that is water based, contains no parabens, has zero transfer & makes no mess?

You heard right. We have answered our BB babes prayers and formulated our new Clear Self Tan Water with everything you could possibly want out of a fake tan. This is our most natural fake tan ever. 

Babes across the globe are switching from their usual fake tan to our new Clear Self Tan for these very reasons. 

Transparent water to foam solution

Our Clear Self Tanning Water has been made with a water base formula that then foams when pumped. Just like magic. Our Clear Mousse applies with no colour guide, then gradually develops into a natural looking tan. 

The perfect light to medium tan

This Clear Water has been formulated with our pale skinned babes in mind or for anyone wanting a lighter toned tan. We recommend leaving this tan on for around 4 to 8 hours to develop you'll be left with the perfect sunkissed glow. 

Zero transfer

We asked our customers what their biggest con is about self tanning. The most consistent answer would have to be “fake tan that leaves a mark on my clothing and sheets.” Enter, Clear Self Tanning Water. Our new formula is completely transfer free and will keep your whites still white. 

No dyes, parabens or nasties

Our Clear Mousse contains only high quality ingredients that benefit your skin. Just to name a few; Coffee seed extract, coconut oil, pomegranate extract, chamomile extract and aqua. All these ingredients are the superheroes and powerhouses behind seriously radiant skin. 

Smoothes, tightens & hydrates

This Clear Self Tanning Water is perfect for sensitive skin or anyone searching for a more natural tan alternative to add to their beauty regime. It softens, tones and hydrates the skin while delivering the most believable faux tan. Our new self tan also contains 100% natural DHA which is god sent for problematic skin. 

Read more about our new Clear Self Tanning Mousse here.

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