The Perfect Fake Tan For Pale Skin


The Perfect Fake Tan For Pale Skin

Finally, a self tan made especially to suit fair skin

If you have fair skin, you’ll understand it’s not easy to find a fake tan that won’t leave you looking like Anne Hathaway in ‘Bride Wars.’ 

That’s where we come to save the day. This water to foam solution will leave a light to medium tan, a blessing in disguise for our babes with paler skin tones. Just when you thought our Self Tan couldn't get more natural looking, we have changed the game yet again. Here’s why you will want to add 5 bottles to your cart. 

Why it’s perfect for you:

Fair skin tones sometimes don't take to dark coloured fake tans. Instead of being left with the perfect tan, you can be left ‘orange’ or ‘muddy’ looking. That’s why we wanted to ensure our new Clear Self Tan Water was formulated to help you achieve the perfect shade of bronze. It has been created with 100% natural DHA in a clear mousse solution that then turns into a light to medium colour. Our Clear Self Tan applies so easily to the skin, dries quickly, then gives you the flexibility to get dressed and go about your day. This self tan contains no colour guide or dyes, meaning it has zero chance of transfer. The tan you will be left with is so golden and glowy, it’s our most believable fake tan yet.

Need further persuasion, our Clear Self Tan is packed with high quality, clean ingredients that will benefit the overall health of your skin. 

The main ingredient of our new product is water. Obviously the cleanest ingredient of them all. 

Coffee Seed Extract
This powerhouse ingredient helps reduce the damaging effects of free radicals and slows down the aging process. 

Pomegranate Extract
Helps promote smooth and firm skin while aiding in collagen production. 

Coconut Oil
Who doesn't love coconut oil? It deeply penetrates into the skin, packing it with hydration. This leaves the skin feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. 

Chamomile Extract
Helps soothe irritated skin and reduces red undertones.

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