Sunkissed In a Hot Minute

Turn up the heat for any last minute plans.

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Babes that leave everything to the last minute, this one's for you. Our Bronzing Lotion is here to get you sun-kissed, flawless and out the door in minutes.

Your phone's buzzing, it's your bestie. She's calling for a last minute after work rosé in the sun (no protesting there). But you look down and see a few pasty white limbs, because last night was definitely not tan night. Don't panic, our Bronzing Lotion is here to calm that 5pm mania. 

Our Bronzing Lotion is a tinted moisturiser, for the whole body. Caramel extract creates the perfect bronze hue to suits all skin tones. Creating the most enviable 'I jetted in from Capri' glow, in an instant. Unlike a self-tanner, it doesn't take any time to develop. It literally has you tanned and glowing in seconds. 

 Self tanner, Instant Bronzer, Vegan Skincare, Coconut Oil

Gliding on like a moisturiser, our tinted Bronzing Lotion is a no commitment saviour. Washing off in the shower with warm soapy water means you don't have to commit like a self-tanner.

Our Bronzing Lotion is so easy to apply. Using your hands, smooth the product on in long gliding strokes. The natural warmth of your skin will distribute the product evenly. For a more matte coverage, a body bronzing brush works perfectly. 

self tanner

Feeling game? Why not go full 'Kim Kardashian level' and contour your body. Using a makeup brush to apply the product on parts of your body where natural shadows fall. This will create the illusion of tone and definition.
Layer to create a deeper hue. Once set, you'll be free to shimmy and sip the night away. Want more bronze, then click here to read about how to achieve a tan without the sun. 

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