All About Our Pineapple Tanning Oil


All About Our Pineapple Tanning Oil

It's sunshine bottled. Meet our summer essential.

If we had to describe our latest Tanning Oil, it'd sound a little something like this: It's a hot summers day and you're poolside with your best babe, sipping on a fresh Pina Colada.

Our Pineapple Tanning Oil is packed full of Coconut Oil and Pineapple Extract, and contains all the ingredients you need to evoke the best summer vibes, just add a dash of sunshine.

The bottle might be pretty, but it’s contents are even better. Our Pineapple Tanning Oil is filled with ingredients that love your skin and improve it over time. Beneath the oh-so-luxe Tropicana scent is a super oil that’s working overtime to smooth and improve the appearance of your skin with every application. Cellulite, stretch marks, and skin irritations are sent packing. There's only room for sun-drenched, glowing skin this summer with our Pineapple Tanning Oil around.

Pineapple Extract

Contains a high level of bromelain. This weird sounding ingredient works to combat all the things we don’t want lurking around our summer vacays like skin irritation, uneven skin tone… you know the drill.

Almond Oil

So we all know that almonds make the best snack, and are seriously trending in latte cups all over the globe, but did you know those little nuts work wonders for your skin too? Sweet Almond Oil is pressed from, you guessed it, almonds and contains a highly concentrated amount of natural compounds that benefit your skin.

Coconut Oil

Is it possible our love story for this hero ingredient is rivaling that of Harry & Megan, Romeo & Juliet? This ingredient will ensure your skin is nourished, soft and smooth. The bonus is that healthy and hydrated skin results in a deeper looking tan that will stick around longer than someone who just slid into your DM’s.

A summers day without Pineapple Tanning Oil by your side is like packing for an island getaway and forgetting your bikini #yikes.

Our Pineapple Tanning Oil is loved by babes all over the globe and now comes with or without SPF6. Every babe needs this sweet obsession on their summer days and vacays. 

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