A Sunscreen That You'll Actually Want To Use


A Sunscreen That You'll Actually Want To Use

Just when you thought you'd never make friends with Sunscreen.

Whether you like it or not, sun protection is important. Here at BB, we're all about seriously deep tans and glowing skin. But behind every great tan, is a super hero sunscreen. Our Natural Tanning Oils pair perfectly with SPF. There's just one problem, babes don't love sunscreen. Who wants to layer up in a greasy, thick white lotion while working on their summer tan? So we made our very own coconut oil based, BB babe approved sunscreen. 

Meet: Bali Body Moisturising Sunscreen SPF15. Basically, a sunscreen that doesn't suck. It joined our SPF range in 2016 and has been converting sunscreen-hating babes ever since. Here's why.

1. No white cast

Is there anything worse than a sunscreen that leaves you looking like casper at the beach. We found that most common sunscreens leave a chalky white cast. So we made sure ours doesn't. It's super lightweight and leaves you looking like a bronzed beach babe while protecting your skin.

2. It's hydrating

Our hero sunscreen is enriched with skin-loving ingredients like sweet almond oil,  rosehip oil, coconut oil and shea butter to deeply hydrate the skin. Another benefit of creating a super soothing and moisturising sunscreen? It's suitable for all skin types, sensitive skin included. Every babe can use our Moisturising Sunscreen without irritation. 

3. Not sticky or greasy

Our Moisturising Sunscreen SPF15 melts into the skin, which means no sticky, greasy, "I just put sunscreen on" feeling. Just rub it in and watch it disappear. You'll never have to worry about sand sticking to every inch of your body at the beach again.

4. Doesn't smell like... sunscreen

Another common complaint when it comes to sunscreen is the smell. It's hard to explain but we all know that smell. A mix of sterile chemicals and childhood summers. We've taken the classic sunscreen smell out of sunscreen and replaced it with a tropical island dream. It smells like our fave summer scent, coconuts. 

5. Just the right amount of protection 

Our Moisturising Sunscreen is SPF15, the perfect amount of sun protection. It provides medium protection against UVA and UVB rays to protect your skin, while still allowing you to get a natural, deep tan. 

Zero white cast, zero greasiness, zero dry skin and zero telltale sunscreen smell. It's sunscreen, but better. Every babe should have this little blue bottle in their summer essentials collection. 

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