Moisturising for Every Season


Moisturising for Every Season

Flakey dry skin doesn't stand a chance against BB. 

It doesn't matter if you're battling through Winter or sweating it out in Summer, we've got a hydrating skin solution for every season.

With changing seasons, also comes changing skin needs. Our seasonally picked moisturising products will have you hydrated and glowing, from top to toe.


Tanning & hydrating gets a little harder when the colder days set in. Save your tan and combat pasty and dry skin, all in one go with our Bronzing Lotion. Ultra hydrating with a bronze tint, this will see you through the Autumn and Winter months until the sun decides to make its welcome return.


The frosty winter chill is here, making that post-shower moisturising routine harder to brave by the day. Our Natural Tanning and Body Oil is here to solve all your skin issues, returning your skin to its radiant natural state.

Using this as an in-shower moisturiser makes it ideal for Winter, as you can stand under the hot streams of water and let it work its magic. Then it’s straight out of the shower and into those cozy pyjamas. 


Finally, the sun is showing promising signs of return, is that even a little tan line developing? It’s time to whip out that skirt from the back of your cupboard and welcome those bare legs back from hibernation.

Give your pins a little kick start, turn up the glow with our Shimmering Body Oil. This luxe multi-purpose hydrating body oil adds a golden bronze shimmer, while also returning moisture to the skin. Lather after the shower to maximise hydration.


Salvation, the sun is here and it’s tan time. But proceed with caution, if you don’t use the right sun tanning oil, you might find your skin becomes super dehydrated, no thanks, not with Bali Body. Our Pineapple Tanning Oil will have your tan hitting #regram status while also leaving you with ridiculously hydrated and nourished skin.

It’s Packed full of H20 boosting ingredients, like coconut oil and pineapple extract to naturally return moisturise levels back to your skin. This summer must-have will keep your skin bronzed and supple all season long.

For an extra hit of hydration, a layer of our antioxidant-rich Luxe Moisturising Lotion is the perfect after sun addition for all skin types. Vitamin E penetrates deeply into the skin to soothe and restore. Best of all it's ideal for every season, baby soft skin 365 days a year. Coconut Oil, Natural Tanning Oil, skin care,


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