Luminous skin is yours


Luminous skin is yours

Secrets out. Here's how to brighten your complexion

If your skin is looking more drab than fab, it’s probably because a) you’re not getting enough sleep b) you’re not using quality skincare c) Uber eats has become your religion or d) all of the above

However, thanks to these handy tips it’s possible to restore the brightness in your skin.

Catch zzz’s, not feelings

Sleep... those glorious 8 hours you're free of distractions and interruptions - but wait you’re addicted to your phone, there's 3 episodes left to watch of YOU and your boyfriend is watching Facebook videos way too loud. You’re not sleeping as much as you should and it’s taking its toll on your complexion. If you’re after a glowing complexion, it’s important to make sleep a priority again. Try having a warm shower right before you clock off for the night. This will relax your muscles and put your mind in a complete state of zen. Another important tip is to turn that phone off babe! It doesn’t matter how many pics Kylie Jenner is posting on Instagram, it’s not doing any favours for your sleeping habits. So shower and switch off to wake up feeling refreshed and looking like you've had a 24k gold facial.

Dew it

The easiest way to achieve a glowing complexion instantly is with a dewy BB Cream, and we have you covered. Our BB Cream is skin correcting, meaning it will help cover pigmentation and even skin tone, helping your complexion to appear more luminous. Added bonus: our BB Cream is enriched with green tea and ginseng that deeply rejuvenate the skin, leaving it looking totally luminous. Talk about the ultimate two in one.

Eat your greens

It’s time to go green. Don’t worry babe, if you're just not that into spinach and celery, smashed avo in the morning will do wonders for your skin. Avocados are rich in vitamin C, E and K which are responsible for helping our body produce collagen and firming the skin resulting in seriously youthful, radiant skin. Brunch anyone? 

Illuminator. Need we say more?

Want to up the glow even more? Try using an illuminator to highlight the high points of your face (cheekbones, bridge of nose and brow bone) to bring your complexion to life. Instead of using a powder highlight, which can settle in fine lines, try opting for a liquid formula like our Shimmering Body Oil. With hints of gold and bronze shimmer our multi purpose body oil will take your complexion to an instant 10. Glowing skin awaits. 

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