A Guide To Glowing This V-Day


A Guide To Glowing This V-Day

Fall in love with this Valentines Day look

When the love bug hits in February, there's no escaping the romance that's in the air.

It doesn’t matter if you’re single or prepping for a hot date, you’ll be falling head over heels for this glowing V-day look. 

You’ve secured the man, chosen the perfect slinky dress and now it’s down to the glow. A bronzed glowing look is perfect for any first date or romantic dinner with your longterm bae. Inspired by the bronzed goddess look seen at the Victoria Secret Runway Show, this is sure to get hearts racing. 

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Start prepping your skin at the start of the week for ultimate skin hydration. We all know by now, the more hydration, the more glow. Lather a rich but lightweight moisturiser from head to toe (give our Luxe Moisturising Lotion a try for this step). For any pesky areas that are needing a little more TLC, apply a body oil for deeper hydration. Our Natural Tanning & Body Oil and your legs are a match made in soft skin heaven. Say hello to your smoothest pins yet. 

It’s t-minus 24 hours till date-day, time to get your tan on. If you’re feeling the effects of a pasty winter chill or just need a tan-boost, reach for our Self Tanning Mousse. It’ll have you bronzed and golden in 3-6 hours. Best of all there’s no fake tan smell, so your date will be none the wiser. 

Date day, you can tick bronzed skin off the list. Now let's get serious about the glow. A natural dewy look is best when it comes to dating. Your date likes you for you, so don’t mask yourself with heavy foundation. Instead, use a BB Cream, it’s lightweight with just the right amount of coverage. 

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For extra glow, apply our Shimmering Body Oil to the tops of cheeks, brow bones and cupids bow. But why stop there, apply to your collarbones, arms and legs for an illuminated insta-filter like effect for your whole body. 

Next, add a dusting of bronzer and a peachy toned blush to your cheeks. Then add a lashing of mascara plus a swipe of Coconut Lip Balm to complete your bronzed look. To finish, lightly spritz our Face & Body Mist. This step gives a dewy finish and sets your makeup to ensure it stays put all night long. 

Date night dilemma, you forgot to tan. Our Bronzing Lotion is your knight in shining armor. It gives an instant hint of tint that washes off in the shower. Now there's no excuse for not showing up to that last minute date bronzed and glowing.

So whether you have a hot date with bae or hitting the town with your other single friends, this easy Valentines Day look will have glowing from head to toe. 

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