If You Use One Highlighter, Make It This


If You Use One Highlighter, Make It This

Liquid highlighter and how to apply it like a pro

Applying a highlighter is the secret behind all those glowing selfies you've been pinning lately.

Makeup artists and highlighter lover Nam Vo is the unofficial-official queen of the highlight. She's painted the faces of some of your fave celebs and credits her signature glowy look to both choosing the right product and her application.

It's always best to choose a liquid highlighter, it allows you to blend the product seamlessly so it looks like skin. To ensure the product sets and doesn't shift throughout the day, choose a liquid to dry touch formula, like the Bali Body Highlighter Stick.

Unlike a powder highlighter that can sit on the skin and look harsh, a liquid highlighter allows you to blend the product into the foundation. This results in a more flawless and natural looking glow. If you love a little more bling-bling you can build up the depth of illumination by layering the liquid highlighter, something you can't do as easily with a powder highlighter.

Knowing where to apply highlighter is key to achieving a bombshell glow. There are various places on your face you can apply liquid highlighter to achieve various results. Makeup artist Nam is never without a highlighter and if anyone knows where to apply highlighter, it's her. Her tip “I highlight the bridge of my nose, the corner of my eye, and then a little bit on the bow of my lip.”

For an all-over glow to your complexion, try mixing two dots of highlighter with your moisturiser, primer or BB Cream. Doing this gives a subtle illuminating glow to the entire face that looks incredible when taking selfies.

No makeup look is really complete until you apply highlighter, it's the cherry on top says Nam. Until you try highlighters you won't know what you're missing out on, shop our range here.

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