Keeping Your Skin Hydrated With Bali Body


Keeping Your Skin Hydrated With Bali Body

Have you heard about our Luxe Moisturising Lotion?

Hydrated skin is in, and it’s not going anywhere. Having skin as dry as the Sahara desert just isn't cute. Luckily, Bali Body has the answer to all your dry skin troubles: Luxe Moisturising Lotion.

Why should I keep my skin hydrated with Luxe Moisturising Lotion? 

Hydrated skin = glowing, healthy, smooth skin. And we know every BB babe is about that glow life. Making sure your skin stays super hydrated is the solution for a number of little skin troubles. Itchy skin? Luxe Lotion. Acne? Luxe Lotion. Redness? Luxe Lotion? Cracked skin? Luxe Lotion. Dull skin? Luxe Lotion. Basically what we're saying is... keeping your skin hydrated with our Luxe Moisturising Lotion should be at the top of your to-do list right next to your morning latte.   

How does Luxe Moisturising Lotion hydrate the skin?

We've packed our Luxe Moisturising Lotion full of nourishing & h20 boosting ingredients to ensure maximum hydration. It contains Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E & Camellia Tea Oil to quench even the driest of skin. These ingredients work together to take your moisture levels from 0 to 100.


When should I use Luxe Moisturising Lotion? 

Summer, winter, day, night, before a shower, after a shower, when you wake up, before you fall asleep, at work, on vacay... you get the point. Our Luxe Moisturising Lotion should be an everyday, twice a day essential for all BB babes. There’s no such thing as a hydration overdose. So lather up in our creamy, dreamy Luxe Moisturising Body Lotion morning & night for the most hydrated, smoothest & softest skin you’ve ever had.

  Now you know how to maintain your bods hydration, read here how to get your complexion to hydrated perfection. 


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