Meet Our New Pineapple Tanning Oil

It's finally here. A tropical inspired Tanning Oil by BB.

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Just when you thought the Bali Body Natural Tanning Oil collection couldn't get any sweeter, we've added another glow enhancing & delicious Tanning Oil to the team. Meet our new Pineapple Tanning Oil. A fruity summer & vacay essential.


Why Pineapple? 

We've enriched our latest Tanning Oil with Pineapple Fruit extract. This skin loving ingredient contains a number of powerful vitamins that repair uneven skin tone and firm the skin. It's perfect for applying all summer & vacay long. Plus it smells delicious! Just like our Watermelon Tanning Oil, this one brings major tropical vibes. It smells like summer in a bottle.

Does it give you a deep tan?

Would Bali Body make a Tanning Oil that doesn't? Our new Pineapple Tanning Oil not only provides a boost of skin reparing vitamins, but also brings out a deep, bronzed tan. Just a few days in the sun with our Pineapple Tanning Oil will have you looking like a golden, glowing goddess. 

Will it dry out my skin like other Tanning Oils?

Not a chance. We've enriched with Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil & Vitamin E to ensure there won't be a single trace of dehydration in your skin once applied.

Ready to take your tan to a new level? Shop it here. 

Want to know more about our range of Natural Tanning Oils? Click here.





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