How To Use Highlighter


How To Use Highlighter

It’s a lot easier than you think

Liquid highlighter is about to become your secret weapon of choice for faking that lit from within glow.

Regardless of your individual skin tone, the perfect, hued highlighter will instantly boost a dull complexion and accentuate your best features. However, you’re probably wondering, what’s the best way to apply highlighter to give more glow than JLo at the Super Bowl? Luckily for you babe, we have a foolproof method for achieving the strobing effect of your dreams. Get your pen and paper ready, you’re going to want to take notes.

How to choose a highlighter shade

Our glow stick comes in 3 luxe shades; Moonlit, Sunkissed and Rose Gold. All shades are universally flattering to suit any skin tone, so pick the one that best fits your unique style or go for all three...

Here’s a simple run down: 

Moonlit: Soft shades of champagne for an ethereal glow

Rose Gold: Warm blush tones to add depth and radiance 

Sunkissed: Deeper bronze and golden tones 

How to apply highlighter

Golden rule - highlighting is basically the opposite of contouring. The goal is to bring the high points of the face forward which will create a soft beaming glow when light hits the face. Apply our highlighter to the below areas on top of your base for the ultimate glow. Let’s start from the top of the face and work our way down...

Brow bone 

Using the wand applicator, sweep our highlighter just below the brow bone and above the crease of your eye. Essentially just follow the natural arch of your brow as a guide. Then, using a small eye shadow brush, blend the product into the skin. This will give the illusion of brighter, bolder eyes. 

Inner corner of the eye

One of the best ways to fake 8 hours of sleep is by dabbing a small amount of highlighter to the inner corner of your eyes. Add a pop of glow into the inner eye and dab the product to set in place. This will brighten and freshen the eyes. 


For definition on your cheekbones, apply a small amount of product to the highest point of your cheekbone, then use a  brush to sweep highlighter in a windshield wiper motion over the skin. Be sure to bring the product from just beneath the center of the eye toward the hairline, and blend out. 

Bridge of nose 

Light first hits the bridge of the nose, so be sure not to miss this step. Sweep the cream highlighter down the length of the nose and gently blend using the warmth from your fingertips. 

Cupid's bow

The cupid’s bow is the small area where your top lip takes a slight dip. Using a small pointed brush, press product into the cupids bow and run the excess product down the top of the lip. Blend out using your finger. This instantly opens up your lips and creates the illusion of a fuller, plumper pout.

Décolletage & shoulder bones

Seeing as your complexion now has an out of this world glow, it’s only right to give your décolletage and shoulder bones some love. Using the applicator wand, sweep your favourite shade across the collar bones and blend using a dense brush. Then, apply the size of a 50c coin circle to the front of your shoulder bones and blend the product out. 

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