How To Fake Tan In Iso


How To Fake Tan In Iso

And trick them into thinking it's real.

So we might not be able to parade our fake tanning efforts out on the town, but we're all about looking good and feeling good, for ourselves. 

It's true, nothing boosts your mood better than a fresh application of self tan (with the exception of a new episode of Real House Wives). So whether you like a natural hint of bronze or a full vacay worthy transformation, fake tan is the best way to achieve this.

Step 1: Prep

The perfect tan starts with the perfect base. To ensure you're always starting fresh we recommend using a self tan remover, to make the process easier and less harsh on your skin. Be wary though, not all self tan removers were created equal, so choosing one that contains skin nourishing ingredients, like our Self Tan Remover is essential. It's enriched with nourishing ingredients such as aloe vera and rose water to leave your skin smooth, fresh and ready for a new layer of tan.

Apply your self tan remover to dry skin using your hands. Leave the product on the skin for at least 5 minutes and let it work its magic. Gently wipe away your old tan using a warm cloth or buff using an exfoliating mitt. This step is essential to making sure your skin is free from any product build-up, such as old fake tan, moisturiser and deodorant. 

Step 2: Application 

The application stage is what sets a great tan apart from a good tan. These 3 golden points are a must for the most flawless result: Moisturise, Mitt, Mirror. 

Moisturise: Avoiding over-tanned ankles, knees and elbows has never been easier with the help of your daily moisturiser. Apply a blueberry size amount to these areas, it will act as a barrier and prevent the excess product from absorbing. 

Mitt: A mitt is a must! It not only protects your hands from product absorbing in but it also helps evenly distribute the self tanning mousse. The result, flawless even tan without a 'tan hand' insight. 

Mirror: If you're practicing social distancing and tanning solo this step is a lifesaver. Applying your tan in front of a mirror ensures you won't miss a spot. Start by applying your mousse from the bottom and work your way up, avoiding your hands and feet. We recommend applying the excess product left on your mitt to your hands and feet last once every other area has been covered. 

Step 3: Complexion

The telltale sign of fake tan can often be the ghostly comparison of your face to your body. So to ensure that there are no give-away signs, always fake tan your face. Our innovative Face Tan Water makes this step easier than ever and ensures an even sunkissed result, without any breakouts. As your face has a more rapid cell turnover we recommend incorporating your Face Tan Water into your skincare routine every 2-3 days. 

Step 4: Maintain 

The most important step to maintaining your tan is to moisturise. We recommend applying an antioxidant-rich lotion, such as our Luxe Lotion morning or night, starting on day 2. Why wait? If you apply moisturiser on day 1 it will prevent your tan from developing to its deepest shade, which occurs 48 hours after your application. Keeping your skin hydrated each day will ensure an even tan that lasts over a week. 

Have you used our award winning self tan range in ISO? If so we'd love to see your results, be sure to share them by tagging @balibody #balibody on Instagram. 


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