5 Activities You Can Do On Zoom With Your Besties


5 Activities You Can Do On Zoom With Your Besties

Because we all miss vino’s with the girls

Let’s face it, we all have a love, hate relationship with Zoom.

For a hot minute at the start of quarantine, virtual catch ups with our loved ones were all the rage. Exploring the virtual world with your besties on screen was new and exciting. However, it feels like the novelty of weekly e-catch ups has become a little boring. Along with the fact that most of us aren’t dating new flings or have the goss from last weekend’s house party to discuss.

Luckily babes, we have put our creative minds to it and collected our favourite activities to revamp your weekly zoom catch ups that are genuinely so fun! Let’s change those mediocre zoom conversations and bring back the fun we all definitely need. 

Quiz Night

A favourite across the board at BB HQ is quiz night. Get together your best babes, a rosé on ice and put together a couple of rounds of trivia! Your topics might range from celebs to sport to memories with one another. This is sure to bring up a few laughs amongst the group. We find the best way to run these nights is by putting together a slideshow and sharing your screen, it works a treat!

Virtual Wine Tasting

We all miss winery days, so why not bring the winery home! We find this one works best with a smaller group. So get together your 2 BFF's, all pick your favourite wine and do a mini wine tasting. After trying small amounts of the wines, write down what you like and dislike about the wine and score out of 10. The babe with the highest score wins a prize... How about a Bali Body Self Tanning Mousse delivered right to their front door?

Cooking Show

Cooking daily can be a mundane task. So, why not compete in your very own “Masterchef” with your friends on Zoom. Clearly you can’t try everyone’s dishes but you can see how they all turn out and eat together. Everyone must make the same recipe to make it fair. Chat while the water is boiling and narrate how you are going with the process. Trust us, this is a fun one.

Show and Tell

Remember in pre school how exciting it was to bring in your most prized possession and show the class? We sure do! Why not bring back this excitement and host your very own show and tell. This can be anything from Iso online purchases *shows 5 bottles of BB self tan*, something you made or a family heirloom. Show your friends and tell a story about it. 

Karaoke Night 

Who doesn't love a karaoke night with your friends? We’re here to bring it to you, virtually. Brace yourself for some serious laughs. Step 1: Pick your fave song. Step 2: Everyone must mute themselves, except the artist! Step 3: Bring out your inner Beyonce. Need help picking a song? Try our “At Home Playlist.

Need a quick, 5 minute glow up before your zoom catch up? Read how here.

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