How to Apply Sunscreen With Makeup


How to Apply Sunscreen With Makeup

Guide to looking flawless and staying protected

We know the importance of wearing sunscreen everyday to protect our skin and prevent early signs of aging, but the order of application can become confusing when adding skincare and makeup into the mix. We are here to answer some commonly asked questions when it comes to combining suncare with makeup.

Which order do you apply skincare, SPF and makeup products in? 

The order of application depends on the type of sunscreen you use, if you are using a Chemical Sunscreen, you will need to apply this directly to your skin after cleansing, and before your skincare products, due to the chemically active ingredients that need to be completely absorbed into your skin to provide UV Protection. 

If you are using a Physical Sunscreenit should be applied as the last layer in your skincare routine, as it works by creating a barrier on top of your skin to provide protection by reflecting UV rays. Physical sunscreens are often referred to as ‘mineral sunscreens’, and can act as a great primer for makeup.

We recommend using our Hydrating Face Sunscreen which contains SPF50 and was designed to be worn under makeup, with Vitamin E and Glycerin to nourish your skin and create a hydrated and smooth base for your foundation. 

The last step should be applying your makeup! 

My foundation already contains SPF, do I still need to use sunscreen?

Absolutely! SPF in foundations should be treated like an added bonus, and not relied on as your only source of UV protection as you often need to apply a large amount to reach the level of SPF stated on the bottle. Foundation can also be applied unevenly and can come off easily which decreases the SPF coverage on your face. 

How do you reapply SPF throughout the day? 

It’s recommended that SPF is reapplied every two hours, which is often skipped as reapplying sunscreen over makeup can be daunting from the fear of ruining it. The best way to keep protected whilst preserving your makeup is to use a Sunscreen Spray, which will leave a mist over the top and provide even coverage. If the spray leaves droplets on your face you can simply use a beauty blender or the tips of your fingers to lightly press them in. 

Our Face and Body Sunscreen Spray with SPF50 has a convenient aerosol design which makes reapplying SPF protection to your face easier than ever. 

Always apply sunscreen before makeup, and remember to reapply throughout the day! 



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