3 Self Tanning Mistakes You’re Probably Making


3 Self Tanning Mistakes You’re Probably Making

DW, they’re more common than you may think...

We’ve all been there, that feeling when our self tan reality fails to meet our expectations.

Sometimes the culprit can be failed pre-tan preparations. Whereas sometimes poor product choice can be the offender. 

Whatever the reason, we have compiled three of the highest requested self tanning mistakes that you’re probably making; and have detailed how to combat them.

Mistake 1 - Applying your self tan to unexfoliated skin 

This may be the most important step in your pre-tan skin prep routine; exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Exfoliating away all of the dead skin cells and dry patches will ensure a streak free and even tan. Shower with warm water and use an exfoliating mitt to completely remove your old tan and buff away any dry patches. 

The product you elect to aid in your exfoliation is vital too.

Always opt for a gentle, but physical exfoliating gel/cream, as this will allow you to gently but effectively buff away any dead skin cells and build up of debris.

We recommend massaging a physical and natural exfoliant into the epidermis, such as our Body Scrub, whilst your skin is damp. Exfoliate into your desired areas with light to medium pressure for up to 1-2 minutes, then rinse the product with warm water. As you have exfoliated away the dead skin cells on the outermost layer, try to avoid using steaming hot water as the skin’s surface will be more tender and sensitive to the touch. 

A good exfoliation should occur the night or morning before your self tan application. This gives the skin time to settle after the physical pressure that you have exposed to the epidermis.

Mistake 2 - Not keeping skin moisturised before and after your self tan application 

Many areas of the body such as the hands, feet, elbows, and knees, have drier thicker skin and develop and hold self tanner more easily, which can cause an uneven application of product.

As a rule of thumb, it is important to not only moisturise prior to your self tan application, but also during your cycle to ensure the longevity of the tan.

After you have showered and completed your usual hair removal process, if applicable, ensure that you thoroughly moisturise all of the areas you wish to self tan - paying close attention to the areas aforementioned. 

Then, following your first shower or bath post tan development, we recommend using a moisturiser or a Gradual Tan to extend the longevity of your tan. By using a product like a gradual tanner, you will not only extend the life of your self tan but also avoid altogether that incredibly unwanted phase of patchy and fading coverage. 

Mistake 3 - Applying self tan mousse to your face

Many misconceptions circulate querying whether you are able to use a regular self tan mousse on your face. Although there are no scientifically proven or clinical reasons as to why you shouldn’t, specifically designed facial self tanner provide the most optimal results overall.

This is mainly due to the specially curated ingredients that are included in facial tanners, the levels of DHA and the overall consistency of the formulas. 

Specially formulated facial tanning products such as our Gradual Face Tan or Self Tan Water will provide optimal coverage, consistency and shade outcome when applied to the facial area, as opposed to a body-based mousse tanner.

Our Gradual Face Tan is a creme based serum, heavily infused with reparative, natural ingredients such as shea butter, sweet almond oil and cocoa seed butter. It can be applied daily and the levels of DHA allow for a more gradual, natural self tan result.

Our Face Tan Water is a water-to-serum based formula, allowing for a more consistent and smooth application of product. 

Both of these products invisible dissolve into the skin’s epidermis, allowing for a transfer-free, subtle application and result.

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