Best Self Tans That Work in 1 Hour or Less


Best Self Tans That Work in 1 Hour or Less

Bronze up quickly

The ultimate solutions when you need to achieve a flawless fake tan, fast. 

Raise your hand if you want to achieve instant gratification? Same. Whether you’re shopping online or applying self tan from the comfort of your home, the same rules apply. We want to receive or achieve our desired item or result instantly. Thankfully in the case of self tan, it’s actually possible. Here are two self tanning products that achieve results in an hour or less, no strings attached. 

How can I achieve a self tan in 60 minutes? 
The scenario: It’s Friday morning, you just got home from the gym and one of your girlfriends has sent a message to the group text saying you’re all meeting for cocktails after work to celebrate. You missed self tan Thursday last night so you’re not prepared at all. 

The solution: 1 Hour Express, an aerated express foam that only requires 60 minutes developing time. You can apply it all over your body, make yourself a coffee, enjoy your breakfast and even tackle some work emails then wash it off before it’s time to leave. The result? A golden, natural looking self tan. Now all you need to do is choose an outfit. 

How can I achieve a self tan instantly? 
The scenario: You’re going on a cute date and the self tan that you applied 3 days ago has faded much quicker than usual thanks to a cheeky sauna the day before. There’s no time to tan and you’re getting picked up in 25 minutes. 

The solution: Instant Tan, a skin perfecting tanning spray that achieves bronzed skin instantly. Apply it to your desired areas and buff it in, revealing bronzed and flawless skin. The best part? It dries in 20 seconds so you have 23 minutes to spare before your date arrives. 

What’s the difference between formulas? 
The biggest difference is that the 1 Hour Express will last 5-7 days on the skin. The Instant Tan however, can be washed off in the shower with soap and warm water making it as easy to remove as it is to apply. 

Need a fake tan fast? Shop the Bali Body 1 Hour Express and Instant Tan today.

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