5 Things To Do While Your 1 Hour Express Self Tan Develops


5 Things To Do While Your 1 Hour Express Self Tan Develops

We're keeping you bronzed & entertained

2021 is officially looking up.

We’ve brought you a 1 Hour Express Tan that delivers a dark yet natural looking fake tan in lightning speed. Fast drying, supercharged developing time and filled with skin nourishing ingredients, this Self Tan makes all your tanning dreams a reality. While you marinate in our latest fake tan superhero, we have come up with some activities that will make the hour go by faster than you can say “Bali Body.”

DIY manicure

If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that we can bring salon quality treatments to our homes. While you’re developing, give yourself an at home manicure. Start by filing and shaping your nails to your preference. Use a toothpick or stainless steel cuticle pusher to gently clean under your nails and push back any outgrown cuticles. Then using your go-to colour apply the polish to your nails. We’re massive fans of a baby pink hue, obviously. 

Write down your 2021 goals 

There is nothing better than manifesting your goals. Reach for a pen and paper, or open your phone notes and jot down some intentions you have for the year ahead. Need a little help? So did we! We love this template Jen Atkin shared for setting her yearly resolutions. Give it a go, you’ve got an hour to think about it. 

Listen to a podcast

There is nothing better than losing yourself in a podcast. Whether you’re into crime, mystery, celeb gossip (guilty!) or day-to-day news to name a few, there's a podcast out there for you. We have put together a few of our faves below. 

Crime & mystery - Case File
Celebrity Interviews - Pretty Big Deal
Gossip - Who Weekly 

Watch an episode

After layering yourself in our 1 Hour Express Self Tan, get yourself comfy and press play on your current Netflix obsession. Here at BB HQ we are loving The Queens Gambit, The Undoing and The Real HouseWives of New York. All episodes go for approximately 60 minutes, so by the end of it you'll be deeply bronzed and glowing, ready for a rinse. Who knew fake tanning could be so easy?

Closet clean out

Say “I” if you’ve been putting off your closet clean out? Que whole Bali Body headquarters “I!” With summer in full throttle, it’s time to deep clean your cupboard and refresh for the new year. It’s definitely a dreaded task, but after it’s completed you will never have felt so organised. Start by segmenting your wardrobe into sections and work your way through each section. It’s the best approach and extremely fulfilling when each section is complete. Also, did we mention, time’s up - ready to wash off your fake tan

After more information about our 1 hour express self tan? Read more here

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