1 Hour Express Self Tan Routine


1 Hour Express Self Tan Routine

A foolproof guide to achieving the perfect self tan in 60 mins

Whoever said fake tanning is difficult has clearly never tried our 1 Hour Express Self Tanning Mousse. 

With the launch of our 1 Hour Express, babes across the world are achieving a perfect Bali Body tan in less than 60 minutes and we couldn’t be happier about it. Being the fake tan experts, we have shared our go-to tan routine for the most flawless, long lasting results every single time. 

Exfoliate & shave 

The best self tans start with a clean, exfoliated base. Apply our Self Tan Remover, to your entire body and leave for 5 minutes. Reach for our Exfoliating Mitt and gently buff away any stubborn fake tan. Lastly, use a razor to shave your legs and any other areas you wish to be hair free. BB pro tip: to ensure you keep strawberry legs at bay, blast cool water on your legs after showering. Your pores will be closed and ready for a fresh coat of Bali Body tan.


Moisturising dry areas like your elbows, knees and feet is the key to a flawless self tan. Dry areas on the body can hold and gather fake tan, which at times leads to a not so natural looking result. Avoid this fake tan mishap and reach for your moisturiser before going in with the fake tan foam


This is the fun part. Apply our 1 Hour Express Self Tan to your entire body in long sweeping motions. For the best results, use our Luxe Tanning Mitt (it’s 20% off if you purchase it with our self tan) to glide the product over your skin. We recommend starting at the ankles and working your way upwards. After completing your front, move towards your back and apply in the same motion. Ensure all areas are covered before gliding the excess tan from the mitt over those freshly moisturised dry areas. 


Rinse after 1 hour with warm water and pat dry. However, if you’re the kind of babe that’s after a darker result we recommend leaving the tan on for at least 2-3 hours before showering. If you’re after some activities to do whilst you marinate, be sure to check out our blog


After a long lasting relationship with your fake tan? Moisturising is your new BFF. Apply your fave super hydrating moisturiser daily to ensure your fake tan lasts for as long as possible. When skin is dry and thirsty it tends to crack and no one wants their skin to look like a tiger bread roll! Our Luxe Moisturising Lotion is filled with Vitamin E and shea butter which deeply penetrate into the skin, leaving you glowing, hydrated and still deeply bronzed. 

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