Two Aussie Icons Come Together: Bali Body X Woolworths


Two Aussie Icons Come Together: Bali Body X Woolworths

Your local grocery shop just got a whole lot more luxe

When two icons come together, great things are bound to happen. 

We’ve seen it and celebrated it over and over in films, books, music and food - (avo and vegemite on toast: a match made in heaven in my opinion!)

Since 2014, Bali Body has consistently brought revolutionary cosmetic products to babes around the world. 

From our humble beginnings with the OG Natural Tanning Oil, to shaking up the self-tan industry with some of our most acclaimed products such as our Instant Tan and Ultra Dark Mousse - it is without question that Bali Body is a leader in delivering products of the highest quality straight to our customers.

Forever keeping up with cosmetic trends and customer demands, Bali Body has remained an industry leader from the beginning. 

Historically, selling directly to our customers through B2C was one of the factors accredited to our early success. As the brand grew and demand for our product increased globally, it was clear that expanding access to our products was imperative.

Staying true to our Aussie roots, we have always celebrated all things sun and skin.

And honestly - what is classed as being more Aussie than heading down to your local Woolies on a Sunday morning for your weekly shop?

Yes, you heard right babes. As of today, you can shop all of your Bali Body favourites at over 1,000 Woolworths stores Australia wide.

Over the years we have taken great time and consideration into deciding which retail chains we would partner with. 

From huge global names such as Sephora and Ulta, and more recently having great success with our integration into 400+ Chemist Warehouse stores, it was no question that launching into Woolworths was something we felt was going to benefit our customers best.

So yes, you’ve heard us right. As of right now, you can shop a huge range of Bali Body products in the beauty aisle at your local Woolies.

Last-minute plans call for last-minute tans. You can now head straight to one of the 1,000 store locations Aus wide and pick up our 1 Hour Express to make sure you’ve got that perfect tan before your Friday night drinks.

Has the weather in Melbourne changed from storm to heat wave in what feels like five minutes? If you’re caught off guard with an afternoon of unexpected sun, pop down to Woolies and pick up our best selling Watermelon Tanning Oil.

Need a tan that requires no development time and no post-shower rinse? Race down and grab our best-selling Instant Tan.

Waiting sadly at the post box is a thing of the past. 

We are forever sick of sitting and tracking our beloved Bali Body deliveries, hoping that it arrives in time for you to be able to enjoy all your BB goodies before the weekend.

So if you simply can’t wait for your Bali Body fix, (and I mean - who could blame you), we’ve now made it quicker and easier to shop our products.

From our self tan to our skincare and suncare - now the furthest you need to travel for that famous Bali Body glow is to your local Woolies.

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