The Best Fake Tans for the Festive Season


The Best Fake Tans for the Festive Season

We're on Glamour UK's self tan nice list 

The babes at Glamour sure know a thing or 2 about self tanning for the silly season. 

They also know that this time of year is jam-packed, leaving little room in the tanning department. They've done the hard work by compiling a list of foolproof self tanning products you need to get your ‘Mitts' on. 

It was no surprise that our Bronzing Lotion topped their list. Loved by the glowing beauties at Glamour for its easy application and streak free results. Not to mention that they can keep it in their desk drawer for those last minute tan emergencies when they need an instant bronzed tint. 

For the babes looking to take their tan-game to the next level, use our Luxe Tanning Mitt to apply our Bronzing Lotion for an airbrushed effect. 

Want more glow? Read their ‘long' list of reasons why they love our Self Tanning Mousse here

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