The Ultimate Boss Babe: Roxy Jacenko


The Ultimate Boss Babe: Roxy Jacenko


We caught up with one of Australia's most well known entrepreneurs, Roxy Jacenko. The brains behind Sweaty Betty Public Relations, Ministry of Talent and Pixie Bows, this PR maven is no stranger to hard work. All the aspiring boss babes out there, take a page from Roxy's book.   

As one of Australia’s OG female entrepreneurs, to what do you owe your success?

An unwavering work ethic and being willing to put in the many long hours, day in and day out for over 14 years as a business owner. They say that success isn’t necessarily about who is the smartest or who has the best idea – it comes down to who never gives up and who is willing to consistently put in the work that it takes.

For me, failure has never been an option. From the moment I started Sweaty Betty PR at 24 I knew that I would do whatever was needed to ensure that not only I was successful but also that my team and clients reach their full potential.


What does a day in life of Roxy Jacenko look like?

No two days are ever the same, which is one of my favourite parts about working in PR! An ‘average day’ will see me wake to check emails first thing. I need to be across everything that is going on in my businesses and being up to date on emails is essential for me. I get stressed just thinking about unopened emails!

I then do the morning routine with Pixie and Hunter before school, getting them ready for the day and out the door. At least three mornings per week, I like to go to the gym before going to the office. I will then eat breakfast in the office, once I’m at my desk and getting stuck into emails.

No two days in the office are identical. Some days I’ll be out and about for client meetings on-site, checking out a new event venue or running an event on-the-ground. I’m very hands on with all my businesses, which now also includes Social Union. Some days might see me popping into the photo studio to check on the latest concepts or even step in as a hand model!

In my roles as brand ambassador and speaker, I’m often required to speak or host an event. Other days I might be on a photoshoot for a client or for Pixie’s Bows.

My schedule is crazy but I wouldn’t have it any other way. The constant variation is both challenging and hugely motivating. 

As a super busy babe, mama, and businesswoman, how do you fit ‘me time’ into such a busy schedule?

To be honest, I don’t really have dedicated me time. As a business owner and employer, I can never truly switch off 100% and relax – that’s partly my personality and partly the responsibility I have to never take my foot off the accelerator. If I’m not driving my business forward, who is?

I’m all about what works for the individual and for me having an afternoon of relaxation or down time just isn’t my thing. For me personally, ‘me time’ is time spent with my family. A Sunday afternoon spent at home with Ollie, Pix and Hunter is my idea of ‘me time’.  

You’ve only got carry on, what do you take?

My laptop, iPhone, Du’It Tough Hands for Her (essential to combat in-flight dryness and ensure my hands are always smooth and soft), Santé by Enjo Makeup Remover discs which eliminate the need for face wash and makeup remover (so effective and such a space saver!) and top-quality basics such as skinny jeans and simple white tee.

I’m most motivated when...

I’m surrounded by my amazing team. When we are working together, creating unique concepts for our clients and getting stuck in to a big project, I feel motivated and driven to push the boundaries time and time again.

I can’t live without…

My family, cliched but true. Having children has given me such joy and they’re honestly my best friends and favourite people to hang out with.

What is the most influential piece of advice you've received?

I don’t think anyone ever actually gave me this advice, but it’s something I live by – “Don’t think, just do.”If you have that idea, the drive to start a business or to make a career change, just do it. Overthinking, analysing, writing plans and to-do lists will only get you so far. Success will only come when you starting doing. Do the work, take action and stop overthinking it.

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