Ready, Set, Vacay!


Ready, Set, Vacay!

Pack your bags, it’s Vacay season. 

We know our BB Babes love to travel and so do we. Here are some of our best travel tips to make sure you arrive on vacay ready to get glowing.


Packing light is the golden rule, but babes need options, so this can sometimes be trickier than getting a tan in the dark… unless of course, you’re using our Bronzing Lotion. Here are some of our top packing tips: 

- Pack plastic zip-lock bags. These are super light to carry and also perfect for a wet ‘kini if you’re island hopping. 

- Our Golden Travel Pouch is oh so pretty and perfect for carrying all your makeup, natural skincare and suncare essentials. Plus it’s transparent, so it’s aviation security approved. 

In Flight

Flying can take its toll on even the most hydrated babe. To make sure you touch down dewy & fresh, it’s all about the prep.  

- Lips are the first thing to show signs of dehydration. Use our Coconut Lip Balm to prevent cracked and dry lips. Apply throughout the flight for a soft, smooth and hydrated pout. 

- Our Luxe Moisturiser Lotion is the perfect in-flight saviour. It combats dry skin with shea butter, aloe vera and camellia tea oil. Generously lather mid-flight to ensure you’re skin’s hydration levels don’t descend.

- It’s best to fly with as little makeup on as possible to prevent clogged pores. Instead of wearing a heavy foundation, try our SPF BB Cream. It’s a lightweight, flight friendly alternative to foundation. It’ll keep you fresh on any long-haul flight.  

Natural skincare


We all know aeroplane food can make your fave fast food look like a Michelin star meal. So to curb those mid-flight cravings we pack some healthy, but delicious snacks to get us through.

- Raw nuts and trail mixes are a fantastic mid-flight snack, easy to pack and super light. Full of healthy fats, they’ll have you glowing from the inside out.

- Cacao bliss balls will have you dreaming of our Cacao Tanning Oil before you’ve even taken off. These little balls of energy will curb hunger and keep you satisfied without the nasties. Our scrumptious recipe below, all natural of course just like our BB products.


  • ½ CUP (80G) ALMONDS


Place the dates, almonds, cacao and coconut oil in a food processor and process for 2–3 minutes or until the mixture comes together. Roll tablespoons of the mixture into balls and roll in extra cacao or shredded coconut to coat. keep in fridge until you're ready for departure. Makes 22.


With our easy and handy travel tips, you’ll be reaching the arrivals gate feeling fresh and ready for a cocktail. Now all that’s left is up, up and vacay! If you have any of your own travel tips, we’d love to hear them, follow us on Instagram @balibody and say hi. If you loved these handy tips, make sure you read our blog on How To Keep Your Glow On-Board

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