How To Win A Vacay To The Bahamas


How To Win A Vacay To The Bahamas

Increase your chances of winning by doing this

Everything you need to know to win your way to a Bahamas tropical escape.

Our annual Win A Vacay competition is back babes and this year we could be flying you and your bestie from Australia to the sunny Bahamas. Not only does it tick all of our vacay must-have boxes (tropical, beautiful, luxury resorts, dreamy sunsets, cute animals) but it also has an average of 340 sunny days a year. In other words, it’s actual paradise and the the 19-hour flight will be well worth it when you land. Here are ways to help increase your chances of winning your way there.

BBProTip #1: The more you shop, the more you win

To recap, the Win A Vacay competition will run from 1 May - 31 May 2019 with the winner announced in the first week of June. It’s a worldwide competition because no BB babe deserves to be left behind and all you need to do is purchase any BB product(s) to enter. Every order you make on our website during the month of May equals = 1 entry to win. If you make 4 different BB orders you get = 4 entries and so on. The more you shop, the more chances you have of winning so now is the perfect time to buy yourself that Fan Fave bundle you've been eyeing off for the last month. Haven't got your Mum a Mothers Day present yet? Buying her some BB could win you and your bestie direct flights to the Bahamas.

BBProTip #2: Sign up & check your emails

No doubt you’re already signed up to get BB love letters in your inbox every week, but on the off chance you’re not, you can do it right here. Each week, we will announce 4 lucky finalists who will then go into the grand prize draw at the end of the month and ultimately win the vacay. If you don’t see your name in the 4 lucky finalists for the first week, refer to Tip 1 and keep shopping to increase your chances for weeks 2, 3 and 4. If you're signed up to receive our emails but notice they don't come through to your inbox, make sure you check your junk mail and add BB as a contact so you can stay updated on all the goss - and to check if you're going to be enjoying the Bahamian sun with a cocktail in hand soon. 

BBProTip #3: Tell your friends

The best thing about our Win A Vacay competition is that you get to take your bestie along to paradise with you. To increase your chances of winning make sure you get your bestie, work wife/Mum/cousin/next door neighbour involved too. The more orders you and your friends make, the more chance you have of winning and we all know what winning means? The Bahamas! To be exact: 

- 2 x return flights to the Bahamas for you & your best babe because a vacay isn't complete without someone to take all your Instagram pics right?
- 5 nights of luxury 5 star accommodation in the Bahamas
- $1,000 cash for all the cocktails and coconuts you can dream of
- $1,000 worth of Bali Body so you can be bronzed and glowing all vacay long

Get planning, shopping and winning babes, there’s no time to waste when a Bahamas escape is up for grabs.

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