Taking A Break From Makeup Will Change Your Skin


Taking A Break From Makeup Will Change Your Skin

And now is the perfect time

Did you know that 1 day of not wearing makeup can help your complexion appear smoother and more radiant?

Isolation is grim, we know. But, instead of dwelling on all the missed mojitos with the girls, why not take this opportunity to indulge in some beauty gains and self care. We’re talking about going barefaced for iso. Not only will you reap the benefits of a clearer, brighter complexion in days but your skin will actually be healthier for it. 

Here at Bali Body, we are all for low maintenance beauty and a natural glow. Here are some reasons why skipping on heavy foundation and pore clogging concealers will be very much worth your while. 

Your complexion will become balanced

When you stop applying makeup, you essentially let your skin breathe. This allows the natural oil build up to balance out the skin and deeply hydrate. However, it’s not only the makeup that is clogging your pores and stripping the skin of its natural goodness. With makeup application comes the need to remove oily foundations with harsh toners and cleansers that rids your skin of its nutrient rich oils. Essentially we’re saying bare is better babe!

Acne will remain at bay

Unlike hydrating serums and nourishing creams that penetrate deep into the skin, makeup sits on the surface. This affects the skin's sebum production and fills the pores with bacteria leading to breakouts and acne. Not ideal. Going au naturale will reduce flare-ups and acne prone skin. 

Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

Although makeup can be used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, sometimes heavy, matiffying foundations actually make age lines look more prominent. Overtime, makeup settles into these fine lines which becomes counterintuitive. Ditch the makeup and reveal a more youthful looking complexion. 

Lashes will appear longer

If you’re a mascara fiend, then this ones for you. Wearing mascara daily can cause your lashes to become weak and break. Holding off from applying your go-to mascara will help the health and strength of your lashes allowing them to appear fuller and thicker. Win! 

Can’t seem to cut ties completely? BB Cream

Don’t worry babe, if cutting ties completely isn't for you, we have the most lightweight, hydrating BB Cream for you. Our beauty balm allows your skin to be skin. It’s filled with skin loving ingredients such as marine collagen and hyaluronic acid that deeply penetrate into the skin leaving your complexion glowing and plump. 

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