Should We Exfoliate Our Face?


Should We Exfoliate Our Face?

Let's get down to the nitty gritty

Whether you’re an over-scrubber, under-scrubber or not scrubbing at all, let's talk about exfoliating your face. 

What is exfoliation:

Exfoliation is part of a skincare regimen where you remove dead skin cells lurking on the surface of your complexion with a grainy solution. When you remove this layer of nasties, your complexion appears brighter and less congested. A good face scrub will unclog pores, control oil and help speed up the cell renewal process. It also allows your skincare products to penetrate deeper into the skin, allowing them to do the heavy lifting they’re supposed to.

How do I exfoliate my face?

When exfoliation is done correctly, your skin will be free of rough patches, redness will be reduced, acne scarring will fade and your overall complexion will be brighter. The only thing exfoliation won't do is make you a margarita. To get the best results and avoid irritating your skin we recommend following these simple and definitely noteworthy steps. 

Step 1: 

Wet a clean washcloth with hot water and place onto your face for one minute. This will open your pores ready for their detox. 

Step 2: 

Using a gentle exfoliant, apply the solution to your face and massage in circular motions for approximately 30 seconds. PRO TIP: at BB HQ we are loving Tatcha's Rice Polish Classic Foaming Enzyme Powder. 

Step 3:

Rinse and admire your glow!

How often should I exfoliate my face?

Over exfoliation is a big no no and one of the most common skincare mistakes we all make. Guilty! But how do we know when too much exfoliation is too much? Answer: when your skin gets irritated, dry and flaky. Not ideal. Exfoliating twice a week for normal and combination skin and once a week for sensitive skin types is just enough to reap the benefits. 

The good news: 

Exfoliating your face has major benefits for your skin. We’re talking a massive amount of glow and luminosity that will keep skin looking peachy & youthful. As cleansing and moisturising have been drilled into us, it’s time to make exfoliating your face another crucial step in your skincare routine for a refined complexion. 

Want more glow?

We know you’re all about glowing skin. So, why not amp up your glow game even more with our BB Cream? Treat your skin in one easy step with this lightweight, hydrating beauty balm. It will also provide the perfect natural coverage, while giving a dewy, radiant complexion. Smooth on to your face after exfoliation and get ready for the compliments. 

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