Ingredient Focus: Marine Collagen


Ingredient Focus: Marine Collagen

Why you need this superstar skincare ingredient in your routine

The word 'collagen' gets thrown around in the beauty world as much as Kim Kardashian gets searched into google.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, found in our bones, muscles, skin and tendons. It is essentially the substance that holds our bodies together, while giving the skin strength and elasticity. Unfortunately we produce about 1 percent less collagen every year, naturally resulting in a little more sagging and wrinkles. That’s where the beauty industry overload comes in with hundreds of topical and digestive products available. But, what is the difference between collagen types and what are all the benefits that has caused so much hype? Here is the full low down BB babes.

Marine collagen explained

One of the most popular sources of collagen sold in beauty products today is marine collagen. It's not only a quality source of protein but it’s rich in a specific type of collagen called, Type 1 that is known for improving elasticity and fine lines in the skin. So, anything with marine collagen is good right? Unfortunately not, babes. There are actually different types of marine collagens, some not as good as others and all differentiated by where the collagen has been sourced from.

Much of the marine collagen in beauty products is actually derived from the skin and scales of fish like cod and snapper. While the products say they will tighten and hydrate, the animal-derived collagen molecules are actually too big for the skin to absorb. Lucky for us, marine collagen extracted from natural seaweed is a (vegan) thing. It is also known as the best source of collagen for humans because it is the same type of collagen found in our skin. 

Seaweed collagen - also known as marine collagen - naturally absorbs its nourishment from the sea. As a result it contains endless minerals and vitamins, making it the perfect solution for protecting your skin against free radicals while also treating several skin conditions including psoriasis, eczema, and acne. Additionally it improves the stimulation of natural collagen synthesis, helping to firm, plump and renew the skin. One of the many reasons why you can find it in our best selling Bali Body BB Cream.

Benefits of (seaweed) marine collagen

While it may be the bane of your existence when you’re trying to relax in the ocean, seaweed should be the star of your skincare routine due to a number of ocean beautifying benefits. 

It contains anti-inflammatory benefits: seaweed is an excellent anti-inflammatory ingredient and can help reduce inflammation caused by acne. Additionally it can help in keeping skin conditions like rosacea at bay as it is rich in Vitamin B.

Promotes collagen production: at the forefront of its long list of benefits is the fact that it provides a lot of anti-aging benefits and can keep skin looking youthful due to its natural anti-aging properties. It can improve elasticity, stimulate the renewal of damaged skin skills, cleanse and even tone. 

Brightens the skin and targets pigmentation: If you’re struggling with dull skin or hyper- pigmentation, you may want to consider incorporating a daily topical serum that is enriched with seaweed marine collagen into your daily routine, hint: Bali Body BB Cream. Seaweed contains niacin, which is good for both brightening and pigmentation as well as preventing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles keeping skin looking younger and brighter.

Really, what doesn’t a good dose of seaweed derived marine collagen do babes? Add this superstar skincare ingredient to your routine now. Shop our BB Cream here

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