How Bali Body’s New Sheet Mask Changed My Skin


How Bali Body’s New Sheet Mask Changed My Skin

Confession: I now can’t live without this serum drenched mask

Is there anything better than gliding on a cooling sheet mask while pouring a glass of rosé as you switch on Netflix? I'll wait… didn't think so.

As a self confessed skincare guru, I am always searching for the next best thing to lather, layer & smooth on my skin. Yes, I will admit, I am an easy sell especially when it comes to super aesthetic packaging. However when I scoured through the extensive list of top end ingredients that this serum saturated mask contained, it’s evident there’s no other mask like this on the market. Let me introduce you to the new Bali Body Hydrating Sheet Mask that changed my (life) skin. No word of a lie when I say there’s a lot to love about this product, so let's go step by step. 

Firstly, I have melasma & pigment prone skin. On its best day, this trouble zone is stubborn and vexing with little motivation to work cohesively with the rest of my skin. Enter, Bali Body Sheet Mask. After just 1 week of using this sheet mask every second night, my skin as whole was brighter, lighter and dark pigmented areas faded noticeably. The mask itself is infused with a heavy dose of niacin-amide to leave the skin more luminous and revitalised than ever before. 

If your skin is lacklustre and craving a large gulp of ice cold water, this mask is for you. The mask is enriched with high levels of propanediol & betaine which essentially increase water retention & provide a deeper level of hydration. After just 1 use, my skin was left plump & glossy. Fresh facial results in just 10 minutes, there’s no arguing with that. 

Breakouts & clogged pores are almost as worse as Mondays. Forever reoccurring and hard not to get in a 1 on 1 with. You can’t help but want to poke and prod with zits to minimise their life span. With great restraint over the course of 1 week, I resisted the urge to touch blemishes and noticed the powerhouse ingredients in the mask had gently unplugged clogged pores and soothed my troublesome skin which resulted in a much clearer complexion. 

Since adding the mask to my skincare regime, it’s safe to say my skin feels like it’s had a complete overhaul. Highly recommend adding multiple to cart before they run out…


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