C-ya NEVER Cellulite - Eliminate cellulite in 3 easy steps:


C-ya NEVER Cellulite - Eliminate cellulite in 3 easy steps:

At Bali Body we recognise the importance of healthy glowing skin, so we’re going to help you gals out with the ultimate guide to fighting the ultimate bikini body enemy: Cellulite.

The first step in reducing those unwanted lumps and bumps is by investing in a dry brush. We even went to the effort to find you an awesome brush. You’re welcome, babe.

Using this bad boy is super easy, the trick is to dry brush in small upward movements towards your heart. Use light pressure and spend a little extra time on your trouble areas. For results, you should aim to complete this routine 2-3 times a week, before your nightly shower is perfect.

Once you have dry-brushed and showered its Bali Body time – finally, hey. The natural ingredients in Bali Body will help penetrate deep into your skin supporting our anti-cellulite movement even more. So, as soon as you have the Bali Body and dry-brush dream team routine in your life, you will be all "c-ya never cellulite” in no time.

Repeat after me: Dry Brush, Shower, Bali Body. Now lets get to the beach.

Bali Body Gal, Brooke Hogan has definitely got it right. #crushing

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