Bali Body's Got You


Bali Body's Got You

Eczema? Sensitive skin? BB is made for every babe. 

If you are the kind of babe who has eczema prone skin, you’ll know finding products that don’t irritate can be a nightmare. With less water retaining properties in the skin, moisture is easily lost and can cause irritation, so keeping hydrated daily is bible. This can be difficult when minor ingredients, chemicals and even fragrances used in products can cause irritation. 

The boss babe behind Bali Body knows this all too well, having suffered from eczema for 20 years. Back in 2014 Laura decided she wanted to create a product to help solve eczema and sensitive skin issues. Skip forward 3 years and now Bali Body have a whole range of skin loving natural products that anyone & everyone can use. 

So it’s official babes all over the globe with sensitive skin have joined the BB tribe, but does it really work? Let’s start with the basics, all Bali Body products are filled with natural ingredients, no harsh chemicals, no DHA, so you can rest easy knowing that everything you are putting on your skin is free from hidden nasties. At BB we also only use the highest quality ingredients, like antioxidant-rich, nourishing oils that actually work on promoting the health of your skin from the inside out.  

While all Bali Body products are safe to use on babes with eczema, our BB  Natural Tanning & Body Oil is the bathroom shelf must-have for any gal with sensitive skin. Doubling as a Tanning Oil & a Body Oil, BB Natural is filled with nourishing oils that are ultra-hydrating, as boosting skins h20 is the key to keeping eczema at bay. Enriched with Coconut Oil to rejuvenate dull skin, Jojoba Oil to fight facial lines, skin scarring & fatty tissue. As well as Grape Seed Oil to treat acne, keep eye baggage in line & moisturise & tighten skin. Is there anything BB Natural Tanning & Body Oil can’t do? 

For all the babes prone to eczema & sensitive skin if you are after a product that is non-irritating and full of high quality, natural ingredients, you need BB Gold in your life.

Shop Bali Body  Natural Tanning & Body Oil today to take care of every skin sitch, your bod will love you for it.

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