Acne, cellulite, eczema, ways to keep them at bay


Acne, cellulite, eczema, ways to keep them at bay

Make acne, cellulite and eczema a thing of the past with these BB products.

Three dreaded skin conditions no babe wants to experience… acne, cellulite and eczema. They are the three you’d avoid as soon as you get to the party. Nasty, hard to deal with and super annoying. Luckily you have Bali Body to help you say ‘bye Felicia’ to those unwanted party poopers.

The terrible three, let's get rid of them for good with our skin loving products.

Hydration is key

Dehydration is never a good thing. When your skin starts looking like the sahara desert you know it's time to up the water intake. Treat your skin right and solve the problem right at the source. Hydrate your skin from the outside in with our BB Cream. Ever wanted to cover your acne and at the same time give your skin the love it deserves to solve those unwanted breakouts? Our BB Cream contains Hyaluronic Acid that deeply nourishes and hydrates the skin. This corrects and plumps the skin giving life back to your complexion. Result? Seriously glowing, radiant skin and smooth skin.


If cellulite were a day they’d be a Monday. A serious drainer. At Bali Body we understand that babes want their skin to be silky smooth from head to toe, so that’s why we created our Moisturising Luxe Lotion. Filled with skin loving, cellulite destroying ingredients such as organic Shea Butter which naturally reduces the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite. Result? Naturally nourished, hydrated and smooth skin.

Keep it smooth

Eczema. It sounds scratchy as! Soothe it babe with our Natural Tanning and Body Oil.  This liquid gold will give you smooth, hydrated skin with the magic ingredient to combat your skin woes, Jojoba Oil! This super natural oil naturally calms and nourishes the skin to help fight against eczema. Result? Super hydrated, redness-free skin.

Ps you must be wondering how we know for sure our BB products are perfect for sensitive skin? We test all our products on Bali Body babes with different skin types to confirm this, never tested on animals.

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