Why Our Self Tan Is Better For Sensitive Skin 


Why Our Self Tan Is Better For Sensitive Skin 

The most natural fake tan, ever

Got sensitive skin? This one's for you. 

For the longest time, fake tanning for people with sensitive skin has been a no go zone. Psoriasis and eczema prone skin craves hydration and some self tanners do quite the opposite. Due to high levels of DHA found in most fake tan products, skin can become parched and unhappy. That’s why we formulated our range of Self Tanners with a blend of nourishing, high quality ingredients. Here are a few that your skin is going to love you for. 

Coconut Oil

You know it and love it for a good reason. Coconut Oil is a multitasking hero. Bad breath? Coconut Oil. Lifeless hair? Coconut Oil. Boyfriend giving you the ick? Coconut Oil. Coconut Oil essentially helps the skin's lipid barrier retain moisture. Long story short, its ultra hydrating and perfect for your skin. When skin is hydrated it feels soft and smooth, which is exactly why our Self Tanning Mousse leaves you looking so flawless. 


This powerhouse ingredient is a natural alternative to Propylene Glycol which is found in most self tans and a total off limits ingredient for our sensitive skinned babes. Propanediol is perfect for people with troubled skin as it doesn’t cause skin irritation, locks in moisture and allows tan to last for longer. Added bonus it’s more environmentally friendly as it’s derived from 99% pure plant glucose which we love.

Chamomilla Recutita 

When skin is irritated from fake tan it feels tight and itchy which is seriously frustrated. This supercharged ingredient does everything you need to calm and soothe skin. Packed with healing, anti inflammatory and regenerating properties, this ingredient is your new bestie. Chamomilla Recutita is also rich in Vitamin B which supports overall skin health. We know your skin is going to feel better than every after applying either of our self tan mousses'.

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