Why BB Cream Is Better Than Foundation


Why BB Cream Is Better Than Foundation

Over Foundation? Try our BB Cream

We finally get to the bottom of the beauty question that everyone is asking. 

When it comes to perfecting your complexion, there's a lot to consider. Do you use a foundation or a BB Cream? A sponge to apply or your hands? The list goes on. Choosing between a BB Cream and foundation can be really confusing, especially if you’re unsure on what the difference is. To help you understand, we’ve unpacked the pros and cons of both products. It’s no surprise here that the clear winner to achieving healthier and smoother skin is with a BB Cream, but we encourage you to read on to find out why. 

What’s the difference between BB Cream and Foundation?
Standing for “beauty balm”, a BB Cream is a lighter coverage option then foundation, which tends to be on the maximum coverage side. A BB Cream offers sheer, dewy coverage in the form of a multitasking balm. It generally combines your moisturiser, primer, tinted foundation, skincare and SPF into one. A foundation is a full coverage option which is generally on the matte side, it’s designed to cover the skin and any blemishes. 

Is a BB Cream or Foundation better for the skin?
While a foundation beats a BB Cream on the coverage scale, the BB Cream trumps it when it comes to skincare benefits. Enriched with anti-aging ingredients like green tea and marine collagen along with serious hydration in the form of hyaluronic acid, a BB Cream offers much more skincare benefits in its formula than a foundation does. It also tends to be much more on the non-comedogenic side, making it better suited to those with acne prone skin.

Between BB Cream and Foundation, how can you figure out what’s best for you?
If you’re a babe who likes a glowy ‘no makeup, makeup’ look then the BB Cream SPF15 is a clear winner. It’s also one of our best selling products for that reason. Save the foundation for your nights out and switch to a BB Cream for everyday use, you won’t know yourself, or your skin.

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